Martin Hunink

CS2 Pulse Booster

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Martin Hunink is a skilled booster at CS2 Pulse with over 4000 hours of CS2 gameplay. Combining his love for gaming with his expertise, Martin assists our clients in improving their skills and achieving their gaming goals.


Martin Hunink has played over 4000 hours in CS2, reaching the Global Elite ranking in CSGO. He has been deeply involved in the gaming industry for years, combining his extensive in-game experience with a keen insight into the eSports community. As a booster at CS2 Pulse, Martin utilizes his expertise to help clients improve their skills and achieve their gaming goals, ensuring they stay competitive in the CS2 arena.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired you to become a booster?

I was inspired to become a booster because of my extensive experience and passion for CS2. I enjoy helping players improve their skills and achieve their in-game goals.

I stay updated by constantly playing CS2, participating in community forums, watching professional matches, and researching the latest strategies and updates in the game.

I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing clients improve and reach their desired ranks. Helping others succeed and sharing my expertise is the most rewarding part of my job.

I have played over 4000 hours in CS2 and reached the Global Elite ranking in CSGO. My in-depth knowledge and experience make me a valuable booster for players looking to enhance their skills.

Fun Facts

Total Hours Played: Over 4000 hours

Highest Rank Achieved: Global Elite

Favorite Map: Dust 2

Least Favorite Map: Mirage

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