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CS2 is one of the most competitive first-person shooters out there. You can't just rely on your aim to get to the top ranks in the game. There are multiple other skills that players must perfect to rank up. One of those skills is communication, which relies heavily on callouts. To help you improve your communication, here's a complete CS2 callouts guide.

What are Callouts in CS2?

Imagine that you're playing a CS2 match on Dust 2, and you are on the T Side. Your team decides to try a B plant, and you're the first to enter tunnels. You hear footsteps toward your right, and you see an enemy as you exit the tunnels.

In a situation like that, you should let your teammates know about enemy positioning so they can react accordingly. However, saying "enemy on the right" can mean many things since there are plenty of hiding spots on B Site. To prevent any confusion, you can use callouts.

Callouts are names given to specific locations within CS2 maps. These names are tied to an object or something else unique to that area. For example, the furthest corner CTs hold at A Site is called "Goose" since there is a picture of a goose spray painted on the wall in that corner.

The Importance of Callouts in CS2

As we have discussed, callouts help prevent confusion. If you are trying to provide information to your team or guide them as the IGL, instead of saying "over there," giving precise callouts will help your team know what location you are talking about.

Another benefit of using callouts is streamlined communication. One location doesn't have different names despite callouts not having a universal standard. Because of that, callouts help the team stay on the same page as the players communicate with each other.

Describing certain locations without callouts can be difficult and take up a lot of words. Giving information like this would create too much distraction in the voice chat. On the other hand, callouts use one or two words, which allows for efficient and quick communication, leaving voice chat clear for important information.

Best Way to Learn Callouts in CS2

One of the best ways to learn callouts for all maps in CS2 is by going through a guide or cheat sheet with the names of callouts and an explanation of what location those names represent. Fortunately, we have created precisely that for you. Here is a list of our extensive guides on CS2 callouts for all popular maps.

Dust 2 Callouts

Inferno Callouts

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Vertigo Callouts

Nuke Callouts

Overpass Callouts

Ancient Callouts

Cache Callouts

Train Callouts

Cobblestone Callouts

Office Callouts

Sadly, there is no shortcut to learning callouts. While you can speed up the process with the help of our guides, the only way you will actually learn them is by spending multiple hours playing matches and using proper callouts.

That said, callouts aren't just limited to map locations. CS2 players often use callouts for other terms like economic strategies. Check out our in-depth CS2 economy guide for all economic callouts in CS2 and what they represent.


To communicate effectively in CS2, you must learn the callouts, at least for the popular maps. While you can get a head start using our callout guides for each popular CS2 map, the one thing that will help you the most is practice.


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