Editorial Guidelines

Our Mission and Values

CS2 Pulse is an independent publisher dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience of Counter-Strike 2 players by providing expert-led coaching and comprehensive resources. Our mission is to educate and empower gamers with accurate, easy-to-understand information and strategies to help them improve their CS2 skills.

Recognizing the responsibility that comes with delivering high-quality content, our material is crafted by seasoned gamers and professional coaches who are experts in their fields. Despite our best efforts, mistakes can occur; therefore, we have a team of reviewers and fact-checkers to ensure that all our content is accurate, clear, and reflects the latest strategies and insights.

We strive to maintain accuracy in every piece of content and adhere strictly to our Editorial Guidelines, dedicated to preserving the integrity and independence of our platform. While we provide top-notch gaming information, we encourage players to seek additional coaching and resources tailored to their specific needs.

Editorial Integrity and Independence

Our Editorial team, contributors, and advisory board value freedom of expression and are committed to independent, ethical, and fair journalism. Our content is not influenced by any business, academic, or political affiliations.

We do not submit our content to any third party for pre-publication review or approval, and our authors do not accept gifts, payments, free travel, or other benefits in exchange for favorable coverage. Any potential conflict of interest or relationship (financial, professional, personal, or otherwise) is explicitly disclosed to our readers in every publication.

Advertisements are always clearly labeled on the CS2 Pulse website, and we do not provide favorable treatment for advertisers. Read our Terms & Conditions to learn more about this process.

Our goal is to represent different views and opinions that are expert-led and come from professionals in the gaming community.

Work Principles

We use reliable sources, such as insights from experienced gamers, professional coaches, and reputable gaming organizations. We always inform readers about the strengths and limitations of the sources we use.

At CS2 Pulse, interviewees or experts in the relevant field are accurately quoted, and their words or statements are never presented out of context or otherwise distorted. Interviewees or experts whose affiliations could potentially pose a conflict of interest are not interviewed.

The content published on CS2 Pulse is free of hate speech, unnecessarily sensational content, distortion, exaggeration, bias, carelessness, half-truths, and deceit.

We monitor and update our content regularly to ensure we’re sharing the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

We always correct mistakes in our content, if any, and disclose what and when was corrected.

Being committed to diversity, CS2 Pulse aims to amplify different voices and experiences. Our authors strive to identify and overcome their own biases, ensuring our content is created in a clear and unbiased manner.

We use conscious language — we see gamers first and do not use their gaming challenges to define them. We choose empathy over the victimization of players facing difficulties.


Our authors are entirely responsible for the originality and authenticity of the content submitted for publication. They follow all applicable laws, standards, and accepted journalistic practices and do not copy the works of others.