CS2 HE Grenades

CS2 HE Grenades

The HE grenades are some of the most valuable assets in your arsenal in CS2. Mastering their use gives you a competitive advantage, aiding defense and advancement in challenging match situations.

What Are HE Grenades in CS2 and What Are They Used For?

In Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), High-Explosive (HE) grenades are vital. They are a key part of the tactical gameplay. Grenades deal damage to many enemies within a blast radius. They do so by dealing area-of-effect (AoE) damage.

They aim to take out the enemies by killing the wounded ones. Or, they can deal enough damage to take them out with a few gunshots. Players can buy HE grenades from the buy menu at the start of a match. Gamers of various skill levels can use them due to affordability.

The distance between the target and the explosion determines how much damage an HE grenade does; those closer to the explosion suffer more damage than those farther away. The HE grenades offer versatility and can fulfill a variety of tasks. These include:

  • Breaking Defensive Positions: It may be challenging to combat concealed enemies. HE grenades can force them out of hiding, making them easier targets. Pushing enemies out of their positions can break their tactics. This makes them defenseless and easier to attack.
  • Area Denial: They can stop enemies from advancing in some areas. This forces them to take other routes. You can cover the other areas. This will make it easy to pick off and trap the enemies.

  • Finishing off the enemies: Following an encounter, enemies tend to have diminished health. You can eliminate these injured opponents with a well-placed HE grenade. This saves ammo and reduces danger.
  • Stacking Damage: Combining HE grenades with other grenades, such as flashbangs or incendiary grenades, can maximize damage and disorient the enemy. Using smoke to first blind the enemy and then using the HE grenades could also deal considerable damage.

Why Learning the Use of HE Grenades is Useful in CS2?

Mastering the use of HE grenades can greatly enhance a player's effectiveness in CS2. Imagine being the only player left, a well-timed and positioned HE grenade can deal enough damage to help you push the enemies and win back the battle.

Furthermore, when used properly, HE grenades may provide you a tactical advantage by disrupting opponent strategies, driving them from helpful locations, and creating openings for the rest of the team.

HE grenades are especially helpful in rounds when resources are few since they provide an affordable means of dealing serious damage to several enemies.

They may be applied in a variety of situations, such as defensive holds and offensive pushes. Being able to apply them in various scenarios increases your flexibility as a player.

To effectively employ HE grenades, your team must often coordinate and communicate well with one another, which improves teamwork overall. An HE grenade explosion's sound and visual effects might frighten opponents and force them to make rash judgments, which will work in your team's favor.

Learning HE Grenades

Considering now, we know how important HE grenades are to learn, that using them doesn’t mean just chucking the grenade towards the opponent. You have to master how to use them tactically, and when, and how to use them in battle.

To know how to use the HE grenades, the most important thing is to practice with them. Learn the key features of HE grenades, such as their throwing mechanics, explosion radius, and damage. You'll be able to more precisely forecast the effect of your throws by learning them.

Spend time in practice modes or custom grenade-training maps. Develop your throwing skills by practicing normal throws, underhand throws, and bouncing grenades off objects to get to tight spots.

There are some locations on every map where HE grenades work especially well. Gain knowledge of these crucial areas and often practice throwing grenades at them. Pay attention to choke points, bomb sites, and typical hiding spots.

Work on coordinated grenade strategies with your team. For instance, you may maximize damage and generate opportunities for successful strikes by timing your team's arrival at a bomb site with the launch of HE grenades.

Try out a variety of grenade throws and tactics. Adjust your use according to how the game is going and how your opponents are behaving. Creativity and adaptability may have unanticipated benefits.

Following games, analyze your grenade usage to pinpoint areas that need improvement. Evaluate what succeeded and what failed, then modify your plan of action accordingly. Observe how the best CS2 players handle HE grenades throughout games. Take note of their placement, timing, and grenade-using scenarios. Imitating their methods can yield insightful information.

Regular practice is essential for mastering any CS2 skill. Set aside time to practice your throwing techniques regularly to develop confidence and muscle memory.

However, different maps have different implementations. For instance, in Dust2, there are various areas at both A and B sites where HE grenades can be thrown, including A ramps, short A, and B tunnels, and more. The following guides can assist you with each map.

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Anubis Grenades

Ancient Grenades


By following these steps and continuously honing your skills, you can become highly effective with HE grenades in CS2. When used strategically, they have the potential to drastically change your gameplay and help your team win. Learning how to use HE grenades is crucial to developing into a well-rounded CS2 player, whether your goal is to disrupt enemy movements, eliminate weaker opponents, or breach defensive lines.


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