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We are a team of dedicated gamers and professional coaches with a deep passion for CS2. Our collective experience in competitive gaming and coaching drives us to help players unlock their full potential. We believe that with the right guidance and resources, anyone can improve their skills and enjoy the game at a higher level.


We created CS2 Pulse because we recognized a significant gap in the availability of reliable and comprehensive coaching for CS2 players. While there are many other resources, we wanted to create a centralized hub where players of all levels could find everything they need. Our mission is to provide top-tier coaching and training that are easily accessible and customized to individual needs.


Our goal is to be the trusted hub for CS2 players looking to improve their game. We offer a range of coaching options, from free training resources to personalized sessions with expert coaches. By building a supportive community and delivering high-quality content, we aim to help every player achieve their gaming goals and enjoy the game to its fullest.

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CS2 Pulse is your trusted hub for CS2 coaching. Discover everything you need to master the game and improve your gaming skills.

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Why Choose CS2 Pulse

We are dedicated to helping you improve your CS2 skills with our top-tier coaching and comprehensive training resources. Our experienced coaches, personalized approach, and supportive community make us the ideal choice for players of all levels.

Expert Coaches

Our team of seasoned coaches has extensive experience and success in CS2, ensuring you receive the best guidance possible.

Comprehensive Training

We offer a wide range of resources, from in-depth guides to practical tips, covering all aspects of the game.

Personalized Support

Our coaching is tailored to your individual needs, helping you improve specific areas of your gameplay.

Proven Results

Many of our students have seen significant improvements in their skills and ranks after training with us.

Community Focused

Join a vibrant community of CS2 players and coaches, where you can share experiences and learn together.

Accessible Resources

We provide both free and premium resources, making high-quality training accessible to everyone.

meet our Founder

Martynas Baniulis, the founder of CS2 Pulse, has always been passionate about gaming and the community it brings together. With years of experience in the gaming world, Martynas recognized the need for a centralized platform that could provide both expert coaching and free training resources for CS2 players. His dedication to improving the gaming experience for others led him to create CS2 Pulse.


Martynas’ journey in the gaming industry began as a player, where he refined his skills and developed a deep understanding of the game. He saw firsthand the challenges that players face in finding reliable and comprehensive coaching. This inspired him to bring together a team of experienced coaches and create a platform that offers high-quality, accessible resources for players at all levels.


Driven by a desire to give back to the gaming community, Martynas founded CS2 Pulse with the mission of helping players improve their skills and achieve their goals. Under his leadership, CS2 Pulse has grown into a trusted hub for CS2 coaching and training, offering personalized support and building a vibrant community of gamers. Martynas continues to lead the way in making CS2 Pulse the ultimate destination for anyone looking to excel in the game.

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