CS2 Ancient Callouts Guide

CS2 involves multiple skills besides aiming, and mastering them takes a lot of work. One of the skills that isn’t really that hard to master but drastically improves your chances of winning is giving callouts. To help you with that, here is a complete Ancient callouts guide.

Ancient Callouts

  • T Spawn / T: The area where the Terrorists spawn for each round.
  • Tunnel: The flooded path directly toward the right of T Spawn.
  • Water: The area directly outside of the Tunnel. Several broken-down trees are blocking a path towards the river in this area.
  • Ruins: The area at the exit for the Water area. There is a big box in the center of this area.
  • B Doors / Doors: Doors connecting Ruins to a path toward B Site.
  • Ramp: The rightmost path leading up a slope toward B Site from B Doors.
  • T-Lower: The route going toward the left from B Doors.
  • T-Upper: The leftmost area from B Doors slope upwards. The upper portion of this route is called T-Upper.
  • Lamp Room: This room is located directly toward the right for players going from B Doors to T-Upper.
  • Dark: A small outside area at the exit of Lamp Room with a few wooden planks as a roof.
  • House: The indoor area connecting Dark and B Site.
  • B Site: One of the plant locations for the terrorists.
  • Square: A large square structure behind B Site.
  • T-Ramp: The upward slope directly toward the left of T Spawn.
  • Split / Yard: The area at the end of T Ramp with a small square structure in the center.
  • Mid / Middle: The outdoor zone in the center of the map with a clear view of Snipers Nest.
  • Tunnels / Chamber: The indoor area toward the left of Mid leading to A Site.
  • Chamber Lane: The path leading to the Chamber area from Mid.
  • Pit: A small hiding spot in mid, opposite Chamber Lane.
  • Window / Heaven: The elevated area in front of T-Upper with a clear view of Mid.
  • Stairs: The set of stairs going up from Split to A Site
  • A Halls: It is the indoor area directly in front of the Stairs leading to A Site.
  • A Main / Main: The indoor area at the exit of A Halls.
  • CT Spawn / CT: The spawn location for Counter-Terrorists.
  • Alley: The leftmost path leading to B Site from CT Spawn.
  • Back Alley / Back Halls: The area at the end of the Alley, behind the Square.
  • Snipers Nest / Red: If you go directly forward from CT Spawn and take a right, the indoor area with Reddish lights is called the Sniper Nest.
  • Top Middle: The outdoor area directly in front of Snipers Nest.
  • Temple: The indoor path directly toward the right of CT Spawn leading toward A Site.
  • CT Lane: The outdoor route alongside Temple. This path also leads to A site from CT Spawn.
  • A Site: One of the two plant sites where the Terrorists have to plant the bomb,
  • Triple Box / Triple: The set of boxes in the planting area of A Site, closest to CT Spawn.
  • Box / Big Box / Single: A big box in B Site.
  • Plat / Platform: A triangular elevated platform in the furthest corner of A Site with a small box for cover.

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CS2 Ancient Callouts Guide

Knowing the names of all the callouts for a particular map can be very helpful while playing on it. With this information, you can effectively tell your teammates about enemy locations. Fortunately, now you have a complete guide for all callouts on Ancient. Keep this as a cheat sheet for the next time you play on Ancient, and soon, you’ll know all callouts by heart.


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