CS2 Cache Callouts Guide

So, you just started learning Cache and can’t effectively communicate with your team. Well, probably that’s because you don’t know all the callouts for that map. To help you with that, here is a complete CS2 Cache Callouts Guide.

Cache Callouts

  • Mid / Middle: It’s the area within the center of the Map.
  • T Spawn: Spawn location for Terrorists.
  • Garage: A large garage area directly in front of T Spawn.
  • Red: A red container in the Garage.
  • Dumpster: A room opposite Red connecting the Garage to a path toward B Site.
  • B Halls: The room directly in front of the Dumpster opposite the Garage with a direct route from T Spawn.
  • Sun Room: A room with the sun painted on one wall connecting B Halls.
  • Flash Window: A window where players can throw grenades into B Site from the Sun Room.
  • B Main: The room Terrorists enter directly before entering B Site.
  • B Main Boxes: A set of boxes inside B Main.
  • Checkers: An indoor area near B Site with a checkered pattern on the floor.
  • Back Checkers: The area behind boxes in the Checkers room.
  • Vents: A vent system connecting the Mid and Checkers.
  • B Site: The second plant site for Terrorists.
  • B Default: The common planting spot in B site with a clear view from Checkers and B Main.
  • B Ramp: The slope leading up to B Site’s plant area.
  • Pit: A sudden dip near B Ramp.
  • T Truck: A truck directly toward the right of A Spawn leading to A Long.
  • A Long: It’s the path directly toward the right of T Spawn leading to A Site.
  • Lockers: It is a tiny area with storage lockers with a clear view of A Site.
  • A Main: It’s the large area directly in front of A Site connected with A Long through the Lockers area.
  • Squeaky: A room near A Site with a squeaky door.
  • Boost: An area where players can boost each other to get a view of Mid.
  • Cubby: Located toward the right from the Garage exit below Boost.
  • NBK / Fence / Close Right: A corner in A Site near Squeaky, dubbed NBK to commemorate the pro player, NBK, for the exceptional gameplay he showed at this spot.
  • A Site: The zone where the Terrorists must plant the bomb.
  • Shroud: A bunch of boxes towards the very right of A Main exit.
  • Quad: The stack of four boxes at the back of the plant area in A Site near NBK.
  • A Default: The common place where Terrorists plant the bomb in A Site. It has a clear view from A Main.
  • Forklift: The area around the forklift on A Site.
  • Balcony: An elevated metal platform directly above Forklift with a clear view of A Site.
  • CT Spawn: The spawn location for Counter-Terrorists.
  • CT Halls: The large area directly outside CT Spawn.
  • Connector: The indoor area leading to Mid from CT Halls.
  • Truck: A big truck in the CT Halls area.
  • Hell: The portion of CT Halls leading to B Site.
  • Tree: A tree inside the Hell area.
  • Heaven: The elevated wooden ramp with a view of B Site.
  • Blue: Area under Heaven.
  • Rafters: Elevated metal platform near Heaven.
  • Close Left: The leftmost hiding spot directly after entering B Site from Hell.
  • Highway: The path going to Mid from A Site.
  • White Box: A white box between Mid and Highway.
  • Mid Roof: An elevated area players can climb to get access to the Vent entrance from Mid.
  • Sand Bags: A stack of sandbags near the “Mid Roof” toward the Connector.
  • Headshot: The dipped area behind B Site from where only the heads of players are visible.

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CS2 Cache Callouts Guide

The next time you play on Cache, keep this guide open as a cheat sheet. While you won’t be able to instantly look at it when you need to give a callout to your teammates, you can take a gander after each round to see what callout you were having trouble with. After some practice, you’ll have all the callouts at your fingertips.


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