CS2 Cobblestone Callouts Guide

So you have accurate aim and good game sense, but you still lose a lot of games in CS2. Why is that? Well, one crucial skill players ignore is giving proper callouts. Hence, you must know callouts for all popular maps in CS2. To help you with that, here is a complete CS2 Cobblestone callouts guide.

Cobblestone Callouts

  • T Spawn: The spawn location for the Terrorists.
  • Statue: It is the callout for players near the Statue in front of the T Spawn area.
  • Patio: The elevated area toward the left of the Statue area.
  • T Ramp: The open grass field in front of the Statue sloping downward.
  • Catwalk: The area along T Ramp toward the right leading to A Site from T Ramp.
  • A Long: The path leading to A Site from Catwalk directly after Catwalk exit is called A Long.
  • Cubby: A tiny hiding spot located toward the left of A Long exit to A Site.
  • A Site: It’s an area where Terrorists must plant the bomb. It’s the one closest to CT Spawn.
  • Mid: The location at the very bottom of T Ramp.
  • Snake: The path toward the left near the end of T Ramp leading to B Site.
  • D Lore: The area in front of Snake and Patio leading to B Site.
  • Upper & Lower Halls: Two paths lead to B Site from D Lore. The one toward the left is called the Upper Halls, and the one to the right is called Lower Halls.
  • Drop: The sudden drop directly in front of Lower Halls.
  • Sky: The room between Lower Tunnels and Drop.
  • CT Spawn: Spawn location for the Counter-Terrorists.
  • CT Ramp: The callout for another sloping area of the map. This one is going up to CT Spawn from Mid.
  • Stables: The area opposite Cubby, toward the back side of the wall in A Site.
  • Balcony: A balcony toward the right of CT Spawn, opposite Stables, with a clear view of A Site.
  • Connector: The area toward the right of CT Spawn, behind Balcony, leading to B Site.
  • Window: A path leading to Drop from Connector.
  • Electric: A room leading to B Site from Drop and Window, with an electric box on the wall.
  • B Short: The path directly after the Electric room leading to B Site.
  • B Long: The route parallel to B Short leading to B Site from Lower Halls.
  • Broken Wall: The area at the end of B Long with a half-broken wall players can jump over to get to B Site.
  • B Platform: The area at the end of B Wall, opposite B Long, with a clear view of B Site.
  • B Doors: The set of doors at the exit of the Connector on the second path leading to B Site.
  • B Site: The second plant area for the Terrorists.
  • Rock: A large rock in B Site in front of the B Doors. It is commonly used as cover by players defending B Site.
  • Fountain: A fountain in the center of B Site’s plant area.
  • Boost: A spot near B Site where players can jump onto each other and reach the flowerbed with a view of entrances to B Site from B Long, Electric, and through B Doors.
  • Ninja (B): The furthest corner from CT in B Site, commonly used as a hiding spot.
  • Chicken: Another hiding spot in B Site, left of Ninja and opposite Boost.
  • Vent Room: The room players use to go to Balcony or Connector.

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CS2 Cobblestone Callouts Guide

While you won’t be able to learn all callouts at first glance in this guide, you will get better over time. Make sure you use this guide every time you play CS2 on Cobblestone until you learn all the callouts.


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