CS2 Dust 2 Callouts Guide

Dust 2 is probably the first map gamers play as they start Counter-Strike. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its balanced design and easy learning curve. However, it will take multiple matches before you learn the CS2 callouts. Here is a complete guide on all Dust 2 callouts to give you a head start.

Dust 2 Callouts

  • T Spawn: Where the Terrorists spawn each round.
  • T Plat: Large elevated space toward the left of T Spawn.
  • Outside Tunnels: Big area between the entrance to Tunnels for Terrorists and T Plat.
  • Upper Tunnels: Upper part of Tunnels.
  • Lower Tunnels: Lower part of Tunnels.
  • Dog/Close: Left corner right after Tunnel exit for Terrorists toward B site.
  • Fence: Wall right next to Dog/Close.
  • B Plat: Slightly elevated platform in B Site near the planting area.
  • Back Plat: Hiding spot in the furthest corner of B Plat.
  • B Car: Callout used for enemies behind the car in B site.
  • Closet: Cubby/corner behind Car.
  • Big Box: Big box in the center of B Site.
  • B Default: Main section of the planting area in B site.
  • Double Stack: Two boxes on the plant area for B Site.
  • Back Site: Back section of the plant area in B site.
  • Window: Counter-Terrorist entrance to B Site accessed by jumping over boxes.
  • Scaffolding: Building materials outside B Site.
  • B Doors: B Site entrance nearest to CT Spawn.
  • B Boxes: Boxes directly outside B Doors.
  • CT Mid: Open area outside B Site connected with Window and B Doors.
  • CT Spawn: Where the Counter-Terrorists spawn each round.
  • Mid Doors: Two large doors nearest to CT Spawn.
  • Mid: Corridor-like area connecting B doors and Lower Tunnel entrance.
  • Xbox: Big box in Mid that players can jump on to reach Cat.
  • Palm: The wooden electric pole at the top of Mid.
  • Green: Small section opposite to Palm near Suicide.
  • Top Mid: Open area at the top of Mid.
  • Suicide: The dangerous straight path between Top Mid and T Spawn.
  • Long Doors: The two sets of doors leading to the longest path Terrorists take toward A.
  • Outside Long: Area right outside of Long Doors near T Spawn.
  • Blue: Big blue trash container the Terrorists see while exiting Long Doors.
  • Pit: Slope opposite to Blue.
  • Side Pit: Area between Long Doors and Pit.
  • Pit Plat: Platform near Pit. Players can see A Site from here.
  • A Long: Long open area directly in front of Pit leading toward A Site.
  • A Car: Terrorists can see this car on their right as they go to A Site from A Long.
  • A Ramp: Slope from A Long towards A Site.
  • Barrels: A few barrels right above A Ramp.
  • Goose: The wall toward the left above A Ramp with a goose spray painted.
  • A Cross: The section connecting A Ramp with A Long, also visible from CT Spawn.
  • CT Ramp: Slope leading to CT spawn from A Cross.
  • A Default Plant: Plant area at A Site visible from A Long and A Short.
  • A Safe Plant: Plant area at A Site hidden from A Long and A Short.
  • A Platform: Large elevated platform at A Site.
  • Elevator: Two boxes right outside CT Spawn players can jump on to reach A Plat.
  • A Ninja: Hiding spot on A Plat only visible from A short.
  • A Short: The area connecting A Plat right above CT Spawn.
  • Stairs: Stairs leading A Short.
  • Cat: The section right before Stairs.
  • Catwalk: The elevated path alongside Mid between Palm and Cat.

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CS2 Dust 2 Callouts Guide

Sometimes, to keep callouts brief, players might exclude the site name, like saying “behind Car” instead of “behind B Car.” Carefully go through all callouts above so you know exactly what your teammates are referring to in CS2 matches on Dust 2.


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