CS2 Train Callouts Guide

Information is one of the strongest tools a player has in their arsenal in a match of CS2. To exchange information with each other, players must know all callouts. To help you with that, here is a complete CS2 Train callouts guide.

Train Callouts

  • T Spawn: The spawn location for the Terrorists.
  • Alley: The long path directly ahead of T spawn.
  • Pigeons: The open area at the end of the “Alley.”
  • Ivy: The long connector opposite T Spawn, leading to A Site from Pigeons.
  • A3: The alley at the end of Ivy. It is one of the three paths CTs use to get to A Site.
  • Green: The green train on A Site, directly in front of players as they exit A3.
  • Hell: The cubby opposite Green. It is the one nearest to Ivy.
  • Blue: The blue train in front of Green.
  • Olof: The cubby opposite Blue. It is the one closest to T Spawn.
  • Sandwich: The small area between Green and Blue.
  • A Site: One of the two areas where Terrorists must plant the bomb.
  • Red (A): The Red train near A Site.
  • Bomb Train (A): The precise plant area within A Site. There is a train in the center of this area.
  • E Box: An electrical box in A Site near Red.
  • Dumpster: The trash container right in front of T Spawn, right at the entrance of Alley.
  • T Stairs: The set of stairs directly toward the right of T spawn leading towards B Site.
  • Brown Halls: The corridor in front of T Stairs.
  • Showers: The area with showers parallel to Brown Halls.
  • Kitchen: A kitchen between T Stairs and Showers.
  • CT Spawn: This is the area where the Counter-Terrorists spawn each round.
  • CT Stairs: Stairs leading to A Site from CT Spawn.
  • A1: The path leading to A Site directly toward the left of the CT Stairs exit.
  • A2: Another route leading to A Site left of CT Stairs parallel to A2.
  • Camera: A building in A Site separating A2 and A3.
  • CT Tunnel: The corridor directly in front of CT Stairs with an entrance to A3, A2, and A1.
  • Old Bomb: The old plant area before the map got updated. It’s directly at the exit of A2 and A1.
  • Heaven: An elevated platform above A Site with windows that give a clear view of A Site.
  • Cubby: The small area directly under Heaven.
  • Catwalk: A path at the furthest end of the map with a direct entrance from CT Spawn.
  • Headshot: A small area at the entrance of Catwalk.
  • Upper B: It’s the area directly in front of Catwalk, with a connection through a laddar to B Site.
  • Ladder: A ladder players can use to move from B Site to Upper B.
  • B Halls: The indoor area behind B Site between Brown Halls and Upper B.
  • Popdog: It’s a ladder leading to A Site from B Halls.
  • B Ramp: The second entrance to B Site connecting B Halls to the plant site.
  • Sidewalk: The path directly in front of B Ramp.
  • Spools: Hiding spot in B Site directly in front of Laddar.
  • Bomb Train (B): The precise plant area within B Site. There is a train in the center of this area.
  • White: A white train in B Site.
  • Yellow: A yellow train in B Site.
  • Red (B): A red train in B Site.
  • Oil: A black oil train near Headshot.
  • Z Connector: It’s the corridor at the center of the map that connects A Site to B Site.
  • Back Site (B): The area between Red, Yellow, and CT Spawn.
  • Summit: Space between Bomb Train, Green, and White.


CS2 Train Callouts Guide

Memorizing all callouts can be difficult. An easier way to learn callouts is to keep a CHEAT SHEET, like the guide above, while playing a match. Use the CHEAT SHEET when you need to know the name of a particular callout, and soon you’ll learn them all.


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