CS2 Vertigo Callouts Guide

Vertigo is one of the most confusing maps in the game. One of the main reasons is that it has two floors. Because of that, even the most experienced players sometimes forget callouts for this map. To help you with that, here’s an extensive guide on callouts for CS2 Vertigo.

Vertigo Callouts

  • T Spawn: The area of the map where the Terrorists will spawn each round.
  • T Stairs: The 90-degree angled stairs directly beside T Spawn leading up toward Mid.
  • Generator: Area with a small generator above T Stairs right before entering Mid.
  • Toilets: Set of Blue toilets near T Spawn, under the Generator. Players can open both these toilets and hide in them.
  • Mid: A large area with access from the Generator, CT Spawn, B Site, and a path toward A Site. Most gunfights take place in this area.
  • T Mid: Section of Mid closest to T Spawn. Terrorists usually have control of this area.
  • Top Mid: Section of mid closest to CT spawn. The Counter-Terrorists usually have control of this area.
  • Boost: A large crate in Mid. Terrorists can boost their teammates to get an angle over this crate.
  • Connector/Con: Wooden plank supported at an angle on cement bags that leads to CT Spawn and B Site.
  • Headshot: Area between Top Mid and Connector.
  • Elec/Electric Box/Cooler: Large AC exhaust unit toward the left of the Connector exit.
  • B Site: Plant site right after Electric Box.
  • Default B: Plant area in B Site closest to the three orange/red boxes.
  • Catwalk/Cat: The metal platform behind B Site extended beyond the building boundary.
  • B Stairs: Stairs right next to B Site going down. This is the second path Terrorists can take toward B Site.
  • Understairs: Area directly under B Stairs. At least one Counter-Terrorist will usually hold this area.
  • Under Mid: The area right under Mid leading from the Understairs area.
  • Laddar: A small room with a ladder that players can use to the upper or lower portion of the map.
  • Bridge: A metal bridge players can access toward the right path from the Toilets opposite the Laddar room.
  • Underpass: Narrow section connecting Bridge and Understairs.
  • Sheets: Area with hardware sheets toward the left of the Bridge exit.
  • Big Box: A Big Box in the area after the Bridge.
  • 50: The corner in the area after the Bridge with the number “50” spray painted on the wall.
  • Ramp: Wood floored path leading up from Big Box Toward A Site.
  • Sandbags: Bags of cement at the top of the Ramp.
  • A Site: Plant location closest to Ramp.
  • Double: Set of orange/red crates near A Site Counter-Terrorists can use to hold the plant site.
  • Scaffold/Yellow: A narrow path behind the Ramp opposing Sandbags.
  • Lane/Sidewalk: A narrow path leading toward A Site from the Scaffold.
  • Elevators/Lift: The room with elevators with a direct view of Double and A Site.
  • CT Spawn: Spawn location for Counter-Terrorists.
  • Haven: Area between A Site and CT Spawn players can reach by taking the leftmost path to A Site from CT Spawn.
  • Back Door: The small section connecting Elevators, CT Spawn, and Haven.
  • Default A: Area of A Site behind the three orange/red boxes closest to Sandbags.

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CS2 Vertigo Callouts Guide

Keep in mind that certain callouts may vary depending on region. For example, a certain player base will use “Elevator” while others will use “Lift.” Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about getting confused if you know all callout variations. Go through all the callouts listed above and use them in CS2 matches to improve your odds of winning.


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