CS2 Mirage HE Grenades

CS2 Mirage HE Grenades

Probably the second most popular map in CS2 is Mirage. Therefore, you can expect almost all players to know all the strategies. However, something like a HE grenade that blows up right on your face is still very unexpected. Use this unexpected nature of HE grenades to deal massive damage to the enemy through these top HE grenade lineups for Mirage.

Best CS2 Mirage HE Grenades

Sniper’s Nest (Smoke Clearing)

If you've even played one match on the map, "Mirage," then you probably know that the Sniper's Nest is one of the most common and best spots for the Counter-Terrorists to take and keep Mid-control. However, everyone knows that, so the first thing that the Terrorists will do is use a smoke lineup to completely block the window in the Sniper's Nest. Use this HE grenade lineup in that type of situation. Start by standing in the Sniper's Nest area, as shown below, and aligning your crosshair with the crack on the wall and the wooden plank on the ground, also as shown below. After that, do a right-click jump throw.

Kitchen From B-Site

On the other hand, the most common spot you need to worry about when holding the B-Site is the Apartment area, which is a path you can expect a "B Rush" situation from. Fortunately, you can delay that push from the Terrorists and deal damage to multiple opponents with this HE grenade lineup. Start by standing in B Site and aligning your crosshair on the smudge on the Apartments wall, according to the images below. After that, do a 2-step running left-click throw.

Bench From Apartments

If we turn the tables, literally, and consider that you're the Terrorist trying to push toward B-Site, the spot you'll need to be careful of is the area behind the Bench. So, whenever you rush toward B-Site from Apartments, use this lineup to damage the player holding the Bench. Stand in the corner inside the Apartments as shown below, aim at the bottom of the moving cloth outside the second window of the Apartments, and do a 2-step running left-click throw.

Tetris From Jungle

Now, let's cover two of the most common spots the terrorists will try to take control of as they try to enter A-Site. The first one is the Tetris area, and you can HE grenade that spot by standing in the corner of the Jungle area, aiming at the wooden beam above Sandwich, and doing a left-click throw.

Sandwich From Jungle

The next spot that the Terrorists will try securing is the Sandwich area. Fortunately, you can throw a HE grenade to damage the player holding the Sandwich area from the same spot as the lineup from above. Stand next to the Jungle wall as shown in the images below, align your crosshair, also as shown below, and do a double-click throw.


Default A-Site From CT

Let's end this guide with an "A Rush" situation, which isn't as likely but might still happen. When the Terrorists rush into A-Site and manage to take control fast, the first thing they're probably going to do is initiate a plant at the default plant area. To prevent the plant, you can use this HE grenade lineup and potentially even get a kill if one of your teammates damaged the bomb carrier. Stand in the corner of the CT area, align your crosshair as shown below, and do a 1-step running left-click throw.

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If you're fed up with players hiding and camping in some of the most annoying spots while playing on Mirage, you are now ready to deal with those types of players once and for all. Go through all the lineups mentioned above and start practicing them to dominate your opponents.


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