How Long Is Overwatch Ban in CS2?

Getting an Overwatch ban means that you can’t play CS2. You can’t even trade or market your CS2 skins on the Steam community market. But how long does this last? If you have the same question, you are in the right place. 

The duration of the overwatch ban depends on the type. There is a type that lasts 30 days, and the other type that is permanent and stays forever. Here is an in-depth explanation of how long an Overwatch ban is in CS2. 

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What is Overwatch Ban?

First up, let’s discuss what an Overwatch ban actually is. When you notice that a player is doing something that isn’t allowed in a match of CS2, you can report them for that offense. Once several players report an offender, a gameplay clip of the offender is sent to investigators, which are other CS2 players. 

Investigators are selected based on several metrics. Investigators are asked to watch the gameplay and report which offense they seem is being committed in the gameplay. Once a certain number of investigators unanimously agree that the offender is guilty of an offense, the game will issue an Overwatch ban to the offender’s Steam account. A player can’t play the game or trade on the community market once they get an Overwatch ban. 

What Causes Overwatch Ban

Two main things can cause an Overwatch ban. Firstly, you can get an Overwatch ban because of griefing. Griefing is another word for not playing the game properly, deliberately sabotaging a match so the enemy can win, constantly making loud noises in the team voice chat, or generally being an annoyance to other players. Getting banned will depend on the severity and consistency of your actions. 

The other thing that can get you banned is cheating. When a player acts too fishy, like knowing the locations of the enemy team without any apparent intel or snapping their aim onto the enemy, they can get reported to Overwatch investigators, which then verify if they are using cheating software. 

How Long Can You Get Overwatch Banned?

There are two types of Overwatch bans. The first type is the Minor Overwatch ban, and the second is the Major Overwatch ban. Players are issued a Minor Overwatch ban if they get caught griefing. The ban will last 30 days the first time a player gets a Minor Overwatch ban. Within those 30 days, the player won’t be able to play on VAC-secured servers or trade their items. 

The Major Overwatch ban is issued to players caught cheating or using hacking software. The duration of the Major Overwatch ban is unlimited. In other words, a Major Overwatch ban is permanent. If you get a Minor Overwatch ban for the second time, it won’t be for 30 days. For the second time you get a Minor Overwatch ban, it will be permanent. 

Can You Get Unbanned After Overwatch Ban?

The short answer is no. There is no way of you getting unbanned after an Overwatch ban. Some people might have concerns over the credibility of Overwatch investigators. One may argue that an Overwatch investigator might have made a mistake. However, that is rarely the case. 

An Overwatch ban is only issued on a player’s Steam account after it is verified by multiple Overwatch investigators. Overwatch investigators get chosen from several high-skill groups. Valve has ensured that a wide variety of CS2 players are included in the Overwatch investigators list.

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There are two types of Overwatch bans. You get a Minor Overwatch ban for griefing. If a player gets a Minor Overwatch ban for the first time, it will be for 30 days. However, the second Minor Overwatch ban is permanent. You get a Major Overwatch ban for using hacking software and cheating. A Major Overwatch ban is also permanent.


Who got banned from CS2?

There is no official method of finding out who got banned on Steam. Still, there are several techniques you can use to check, including checking the Steam Community profile, looking at Reddit communities or Facebook groups, asking the player directly, and using third-party platforms like VacList.

How reliable are these methods?

While these methods are not 100% reliable, they can give you an idea of whether someone you know has been banned from CS2. However, third-party platforms come with some risks, such as phishing scams.

Can I ask someone directly if they got banned from CS2?

Yes, you can message them on Steam to ask. However, there is no way of being 100% sure if they are lying about not being banned.

Can you check why you got banned from CS2?

According to official Steam support statements, there is no way of figuring out why a Steam account got banned. The person who got banned will only know whether it was a VAC or Overwatch ban.

What should I do if I suspect someone of cheating or toxic behavior in CS2?

If you suspect someone of cheating or toxic behavior in CS2, you should report them through the appropriate channels, such as the in-game report feature or the Overwatch system. It’s important to understand the potential reasons for a ban and to avoid engaging in these behaviors yourself.


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