How to Derank in CS2?

While the main thing most CS2 players are concerned about is ranking up, there are a few people who wish to lower their rank, which is called deranking. If that’s something you are interested in learning how to do, you are at the right place. Here’s a complete guide on how to derank in CS2.

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While the short answer is that losing more matches will get you to derank, things are a bit complicated when you dive deep into deranking. Continue reading to understand more about deranking in CS2 and how it works.

Why People Derank?

Some of you might be wondering why people derank in CS2. After all, showing off the high rank you just achieved is one of the best parts about playing CS2. The thing is, lowering your rank deliberately is done to achieve a very specific goal, which is called smurfing.

In a nutshell, smurfing is when a CS2 player deranks to a rank much lower than their skill level to play against opponents at a much lower skill level. If you have a rank that is lower than how skilled you actually are, then you’ll come across players that are at a lower rank, and you will have an easier time playing against them.

However, smurfing is not the only reason that people derank in CS2. Another common reason why people do that is because they have friends they want to play with who are at a much lower rank than theirs. In CS2, if players in a lobby have a higher rank difference, they can’t play with each other. Therefore, players lower their rank so they can play with their friends.

CS2 Rules and Deranking

Before you jump head first and start lowering your rank and CS2, you should keep in mind that deliberately manipulating the ranking system of CS2 to achieve a rank that does not match how skilled you are is something that can get you banned. It is explicitly stated in the rules of CS2 gameplay that you cannot do that.

Deranking in CS2

If you want to lower your rank in CS2, then the main way you can do that is by losing more matches. As you lose more matches, points get subtracted from your total rank points. As you subtract enough points, you get a lower rank. However, there is one thing that you need to be careful of if you plan on deranking safely.

As mentioned, deliberately lowering your rank to one that does not align with your skill level is a bannable offense in CS2. In other words, if you get caught deranking in CS2, you will get banned from the game, which is not something you would want, especially if you have a bunch of skins in your inventory.

To lower your chances of getting a ban while trying to lower your rank, ensure that you aren’t ruining the gameplay experience of others in the process. In other words, don’t start killing your teammates or throwing flashbangs in front of them just so you can lose the match. Instead, try playing a little laid back, with not as much attention on recoil control or strategy.

Also, if your main goal is to play with your friends who are at a lower rank than yours, just derank enough so that they can play with you. Don’t go overboard because it not only will ruin the gameplay experience of others, but it will also increase the chances of you getting banned.

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The ranking system of CS2 decides your rank based on whether you’ve been winning or losing more matches. So, if you want to derank, or in other words, get a lower rank, all you have to do is start losing more matches. However, keep in mind that it is something that can get you banned.


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