How to Get Keys in CS2?

One of the most common ways people acquire CS2 skins is by opening CS2 cases. However, to open CS2 cases, you need a CS2 key. Each key can only open one, and once you have opened, both the key and the case disappear from your inventory. Here is the complete guide on how to get keys in CS2.

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Getting Keys in CS2

One of the most common ways players acquire CS2 keys is by purchasing them through the in-game store. In fact, if all you care about is opening a case, then this is the only place you can get a CS2 key from. But why is that?

Valve implemented a trade ban on CS2 keys a couple of years ago. All keys purchased after that ban are not tradable. So, other methods of acquiring CS2 keys are only for those purchased before the trade ban. Because they are in limited supply, their price is higher than the ones you can buy from the in-game store.

Other methods of acquiring CS2 keys include purchasing them from the Steam community market. But, the pricing available at the Steam community market is a bit higher. If you want better deals, you should check out third-party marketplaces.

However, you should only consider getting keys through this method if you trade CS2 skins. If you don’t care whether the keys you purchase are tradable and only want to open cases with them, buying keys from the in-game store would be way cheaper. There’s no need to pay extra.


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To open CS2 cases, you need CS2 keys. While you might get CS2 cases for free at the end of a match, you must spend cash for keys. If you aren’t interested in CS2 skins trading, we recommend purchasing keys from the in-game store.


Can I Still Trade CS2 Keys?

No, CS2 keys purchased after a trade ban imposed by Valve are not tradable. Only keys purchased before the ban remain tradable. This restriction affects their availability and pricing.

Are There Any Free Ways to Get CS2 Keys?

CS2 keys are not typically available for free. While you can receive CS2 cases at the end of a match, you must spend money to obtain keys for opening these cases.

Is Buying Keys from the In-Game Store the Best Option?

If your primary goal is to open CS2 cases and you don’t engage in skin trading, buying keys from the in-game store is the most cost-effective option. It provides convenient access to keys.

How Does the Steam Community Market Compare to the In-Game Store?

Keys can also be purchased from the Steam community market, but the pricing may be slightly higher compared to the in-game store. It’s a viable option if you are looking for specific keys or are willing to pay a bit more.

When Should I Consider Third-Party Marketplaces?

Third-party marketplaces are suitable for players involved in CS2 skin trading. If you are focused solely on opening cases and don’t need tradable keys, the in-game store is the more economical choice. Third-party markets are better for traders seeking deals and trades.


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