How to Get Out Of Gold Nova in CS2?

Ranking up is probably one of the main things on the minds of almost every CS2 player. However, no rank is as notorious as the Gold Nova, which a massive number of CS2 players get stuck on. If you’re also stuck on Gold Nova, you’re at the right place. Here’s a complete guide on how to get out of Gold Nova CS2.

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Getting Out Of Gold Nova in CS2

To get out of Gold Nova in CS2, you must first understand how the CS2 ranking system works. When you play a ranked game mode, CS2 assigns you a rank based on your performance. So, to get a better rank, you need to perform better, or at least good enough that your skill reflects your higher rank.

But what makes Gold Nova so unique that almost everyone is trying to get out of it? If a beginner starting at the lowest ranks works on improving three key components of their gameplay, they can reach Gold Nova within a few weeks. These components include aiming, crosshair placement, and recoil control. The problem is that players get comfortable with only these skills too quickly and neglect other skills essential at the higher ranks.

To get out of Gold Nova rank, the first thing that a player should focus on is teamwork. Give proper callouts and play as a team instead of running and gunning like a solo player. Secondly, players must learn basic round strategies, like “eco” or “full buy.” Finally, you can focus on learning all the essential smoke angles for a huge edge over your opponents. To learn smoke angles as efficiently and quickly as possible, check out our CS2 smokes guide.

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CS2 players get stuck at Gold Nova because they get comfortable with the basic skills in CS2 and don’t focus on the skills that matter at the higher ranks. Start working on teamwork and smoke angles, and you’ll soon rank up from Gold Nova.


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