Is CS2 Trading Dead?

CS2 trading has been a part of the Counter-Strike ecosystem for a long time. Many gamers have invested their time and money in CS2 trading. For anyone who wants to get into it, one of the first questions they ask is whether CS2 trading is dead. To help you with that, we’ll be answering exactly that here.

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CS2 Trading Popularity

Simply put, CS2 trading is anything but dead. While it might have seemed that CS2 trading was about to die, before anyone knew what CS2 was, the announcement of CS2 skyrocketed the popularity of CS2 skins trading along with the player base. Since then, the popularity of CS2 trading has only gone up.

At the time of writing this, no matter what type of trade you are looking for, it’s highly likely that you’ll find multiple people willing to go through with that trade with you. On top of that, third-party marketplaces, CS2 skins trading sites, CS2 skin trading Facebook groups, and Reddit communities are very active, with trade offers for CS2 skins popping up almost every day.

While the player base of CS2 has declined significantly since its release, it still is at a respectable daily average, with a concurrent player count of around 1 million, which is a number that even some Tripple-A titles can only dream of achieving. Plus, despite the drop in the concurrent player count, the average prices of popular CS2 skins have only gone up. Considering all those things, we can easily conclude that CS2 trading is not dead.

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CS2 skins trading Facebook groups and Reddit communities are as lively as ever. Plus, the prices for CS2 skins have been constantly going up despite the player count numbers cooling off since the launch of CS2. All things considered, it’s safe to say that CS2 skins trading will likely stay here for a long time.


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