M4A4 vs M4A1 Comparison, Which One To Choose in CS2?

M4A1 and the M4A4 are two of the most popular weapons in CS2. However, one question that most of the CS2 community has always been confused about is which one of the two is better. Today, we will help you decide with this extensive guide on M4A4 vs M4A1.

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M4A4 vs M4A1 – Stats Comparison

Before we dive deep into why one of the two M4s is better, let’s compare all the stats for both weapons to get a baseline of how each gun differs. However, don’t make your decisions based on stats alone since some differences aren’t apparent from the stats.

First up, we have the base damage. The M4A1-S has a higher base damage of 38, while the M4A4 has only 33. Up next, the damage falloff at range for the M4A1-S is 6%, but only 3% for the M4A4. The headshot multiplier is 3.475 and 4, respectively. Finally, the fire rate for the M4A1-S is only 600, while the one for M4A$ is 666.

Damage Comparison

As mentioned, it’s hard to tell which weapon has better damage from the above stats. Instead, we must look at how these numbers translate to gameplay and affect the time-to-kill. We spent hours in a custom CS2 lobby to test precisely that.

The M4A1-S has more damage at close range, taking out enemies in only four chest shots, whereas the M4A4 takes five. However, that’s just about it for the plus points for the M4A1-S when it comes to damage output.

Firstly, the M4A1-S can only kill an enemy in four chest shots for a certain distance. Because of the higher damage dropoff of the M4A1-S, it will also require five chest shots once you are further than medium range.

Since neither of the two M4s is a one-shot head-shot weapon against armored opponents, players tend to rely on the head-shot chest-shot combo, taking out an opponent in 2 bullets. You can use this combo for both the M4s.

However, as you go further, at a certain point, the M4A1-S will require an additional shot to kill an opponent. All that means is that both M4s can kill an enemy with the same number of bullets in most cases. The M4A1-S takes one less shot only if you are close and hit nothing but the chest, which isn’t a realistic scenario.

If both guns take the same number of shots to kill enemies, the one that can hit those shots quicker will have a faster time-to-kill. Since the M4A4 has a higher fire rate of 666 RPM, it takes the cake in the damage department.

Other Advantages of the M4A4

The M4A4 has two more advantages over the M4A1-S. Firstly, the M4A4 has a larger magazine of 30 compared to just 20 bullets for the M4A1-S. Secondly, the M4A4’s barrel is much shorter, whereas the M4A1’s barrel often protrudes out of cover, revealing the player’s position.

Accuracy and Recoil Pattern

That said, larger mag size, higher damage output, higher fire rate, and a shorter, easily concealable barrel aren’t the only things CS2 players care about. No matter how much firepower a gun packs, it’s useless if you can’t hit the enemy.

Fortunately, the M4A1-S has an easy-to-control recoil pattern compared to the M4A4, requiring minimal effort to achieve a tighter spread. The M4A1-S also has better running accuracy, allowing players to hit nasty headshots while moving.

In other words, the M4A1-S is much more accurate than the M4A4, allowing even beginners to hit precise shots. This high level of accuracy makes the M4A1-S a much more versatile and reliable weapon.


While you might prefer a larger mag size and more damage, you’ll have to pay $200 extra for those perks every time you purchase the M4A4. $200 probably doesn’t seem like that much. However, it’s significant enough, considering how CS2’s economy works.

Firstly, you can get a flashbang for $200, which, when used effectively, can be the determining factor of a gunfight’s outcome. Also, since players generally don’t survive all rounds, they might have to purchase the M4A4 repeatedly.

Spending those extra $200 even for 25% of the match, which can be six rounds, will cost you $1200 more. Now, combine that with more of your teammates spending $1200, not getting those flash bangs, and you have a significantly disadvantaged team.

The Suppressor

Now, for the main attraction, the suppressor. There are several advantages that the suppressor of the M4A1-S brings to the table. First, which you probably already figured out, is that it is extremely difficult to hear where the shots are coming from.

Secondly, since the suppressor causes the M4A1-S to have zero tracers, you can practically spam an entire mag through smokes, and the player on the receiving end won’t have a clue about where they are getting shot from. Finally, shooting with the M4A1-S doesn’t reveal your location on the minimap. All of these abilities of the M4A1-S make it the best lurk weapon in the entire game.

Which One Should You Choose

You are probably confused by now. Both the M4s have advantages, making it difficult to choose. While it would have been easier for you if we told you what to do, that wouldn’t be responsible on our part. What we can do, however, is tell you what the pros prefer.

Within the CS2 esports scene, the M4A1-S stands out as the popular option, thanks to its economic and lurk benefits. However, the M4A1-S barely takes the lead, with around 60 to 65 percent of professional players preferring it over the M4A4.

We recommend that you make the decision based on your playstyle. If you can control the M4A4s recoil and prefer an aggressive, in-your-face playstyle, you can go for the M4A4. If you like to play behind enemy lines, stabbing opponents in the back, you can choose the M4A1-S.

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The choice between M4A4 and M4A1-S in CS2 depends on personal preference and playstyle. While the M4A4 offers higher firepower and lower time-to-kill, the M4A1-S provides stealth benefits, making both viable options.


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