CS2 Inferno Molotovs

Inferno Molotovs

Inferno is a fun map to play on. However, it has a lot of nooks and crannies where players like to hide. An easy way to deal with those players is throwing a calculated molotov in their feet that will force them to move out of cover. To help you with that, here's a complete guide on all the best molotov lineups for Inferno.

Best CS2 Inferno Molotovs

New Box

Let's start this molotov lineup guide with one for B Site, particularly for the spot players consider a nightmare to deal with, the New Box. To get rid of players holding that spot with one molotov, wedge yourself in the corner of the barrel and plank at the end of Banana, align your crosshair between the last and second-last roof tiles, as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

Dark Corner

Now, let's talk about a spot in B Site that's almost equally a nightmare to deal with as the first one, the Dark Corner. The most consistent way to throw a molotov at this spot is to get up on the short wall in Banana, walk up to the edge, aim slightly to the right from the window in front of you, and do a jump throw.


Considering how the flow was going, you probably already guessed this next spot. To throw a Molotov on Coffin, simply get on top of the short wall in Banana, walk up to the edge, aim at the notch of the metal bar under the wooden ramp, as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

B Site Default Plant Molotov

Don't worry. Not all molotov lineups in this guide are for the Terrorists to use. Here's one that you can use while on the Counter-Terrorists' side. This lineup will allow you to molotov the default plant area within B-Site. Stand in the corner near CT-Spawn, align your crosshair as shown in the image below, and do a jump throw.

Banana Boxes

Here's another Molotov lineup for the Counter-Terrorists. Use this one when you're holding B-Site and hear a couple of players at the end of Banana. To use this lineup, stand in the corner of the fountain in B-Site, aim at the spot on the wall between the center of the box and the plant growing on the wall, as shown in the images below, and do a jump throw.

Quick Patio Molotov

Here's a simple and quick lineup that you can use to molly the Patio area. Stand in front of the shutter in Mid, align yourself to the point where you can see half of the lamp on the wall next to the Boiler, aim at the left edge of that lamp, and do a left-click throw.

Pit From Apartments

To molotov the Pit area from the Apartments, start by standing in front of the second last pillar in the Apartments area, aim at the center of the entrance toward the Balcony as shown in the images below, and do a left-click throw.

Back Site A

For the final one, we have a Molotov lineup that lets you clear out the Back Site in A Site. You can use this molotov while trying to retake A-Site. Stand in the right corner of this mailbox, align your crosshair as shown in the image below, and do a left-click throw.

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So there you have it. The top molotov lineups you should absolutely learn if you want to improve your win rate while playing on Inferno. Within a week or two of practicing these Molotov lineups, you'll practically start dominating on Inferno.



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