CS2 Mirage Molotovs

Mirage Molotovs

Probably the second most popular map right after Dust 2 is Mirage. Because of that, almost everyone knows all the strategies. However, people don't know when they can get a molotov thrown in their faces. That is where you can take advantage using these top molotov lineups for Mirage.

Best CS2 Mirage Molotovs

Window From Mid Boxes

Probably the most popular spot in Mirage is the Window area. Here's an easy way you can force that pesky AWPer holding the Window. Stand next to the wall behind the Mid Boxes and align your crosshair as shown in the image below. Finally, do a running left-click throw. Be careful because this particular one will need some practice.

Palace & Balcony From Shadows

When it comes to AWPing, it usually boils down to who gets the angle first. If an AWPer already has an angle, peeking them is literally a death wish. If there's an AWPer in the Palace area, use this molotov lineup to help your team get the angle. Stand in the corner and align your crosshair, as shown below. Finally, do a left-click throw.

Jungle From A Ramp

If you've ever played on Mirage, you know how notorious this spot is. If there's an AWPer at this spot, you will likely have a hard time pushing into the A-Site. Fortunately, this simple Molotov lineup gets the job done. After exiting the A Ramp area, stand in the leftmost corner, align your crosshair as shown below, and do a running left-click throw. Make sure you don't take too long to release the left-click button, or else the molotov will go too far.

A Ramp Exit From Jungle

Now, if you're the player holding the jungle area and don't want to get a molotov thrown at you while also helping your teammates at A-Site, this lineup is a must-learn for you. Stand in the corner of the Jungle area, as shown in the image below, aim at the wooden beam sticking out from the wall just above the Sandwich area, and do a left-click throw.

B Apartments From B-Site

Here's a great way you can delay a Terrorist push from the B Apartments or even get a free kill. Stand next to the green dustbin in the B-Site area right in front of the Market Door, aim at the little notch on the green tarp covering the plant area, and do a left-click throw.

Tetris From Jungle

Let's say that the Terrorists have already pushed forward from the A-Ramp area, and your teammate gives you a callout that they don't have lines of sight on the Terrorists because they're now in the Tetris area. Well, this single molotov lineup won't just damage those players. They'll also force them back in lines of sight for your teammates to get an easy frag on them. Stand in the same corner in the Jungle area, aim at the brown smudge on the wall as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

Sandwich From T Roof

Sandwich is one of the most common spots you will find a player holding. Use this Molotov lineup to push that player out. Start by hopping on the T Roof area and going to the very edge of the wall. Once you're at the corner, aim at the tiny dot on the wall opposite to you and do a simple left-click throw.

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If you're tired of dealing with AWPers holding every known angle while playing on Mirage, you are now ready to deal with those types of players once and for all. Go through all the lineups mentioned above and start practicing them to dominate your opponents.


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