CS2 Vertigo Molotovs

Vertigo Molotovs

A lot of CS2 players don't even know the callouts for Vertigo, let alone molotov lineups. That's unfortunate because Vertigo is one of the easiest maps for molotovs since there are a lot of common spots players like to hold. To help you get those players, here are some of the top molotovs you should know for Vertigo.

Best CS2 Vertigo Molotovs

Back Pillar B-Site From B Stairs

Let's start things off with the B-Site in Vertigo. There are several spots you will have to clear before you can enter the B-Site. One of the most difficult of those spots is the Back Pillar. You can use this molotov to get rid of the player holding Back Pillar. Stand at the bottom of B Stairs and walk up next to the box, as shown below. Align your crosshair based on the images below and do a left-click throw.

B-Site White Box And Double From B Stairs

Up next, here's a lineup you can use to molotov off the two other common spots in B-Site, White Box and Double. Start by walking halfway up B Stairs and stand right next to the box in the center, as shown below. After that, place your crosshair slightly above the corner of the White Box, and then do a left-click throw.

Default B-Site From B-Stairs

Now, let's talk about the most common spot players like to hold at B-Site, Default. To push players out of cover who are hiding behind the Default area in B-Stite, this Molotov works like a charm. Align your player character in the exact same way as the alignment from the molotov lineup above, and aim slightly above and to the left of the yellow mark on the metal beam in front of you. After that, do a left-click throw.

A-Site Double From Scaffold

One of the most difficult spots to clear in A-Site is the Double area. Opponents can sit there as long as they want without worrying about getting shot from the front. Use this molotov to get that player. Start by standing in front of the edge of the orange/yellow tarp in the Scaffold area, aim at the giant X on the yellow crane, and do a left-click throw.

Ramp From A-Site

Nothing feels worse than holding A-Site alone and hearing tons of footsteps from the Ramp area. If you ever find yourself in that situation, just whip out a molotov, use this lineup, and the Terrorists won't be able to push until backup arrives. Stand in the corner of the Double area and aim at the metal structure as shown below. After that, do a left-click throw.

Connector From B-Site

Once you and your teammates have made their way to the B-Site from B Stairs, the enemy team will probably start rotating back. Use this molotov to slow down their rotation. Stand behind the White Box with the letter "B" on it, aim at the bottom left corner of the largest square like in the image below, and do a jump throw.

B-Site From CT Spawn

Finally, let's say that you are a Counter-Terrorist, and the Terrorists have taken the B-Site. You can use this molotov while trying to re-take the site or prevent a plant. Stand near the metal pillar in CT Spawn, aim at the tip of the shadow as shown below, and do a jump throw.

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There is no better way to force enemies out from behind cover or delay an aggressive push than throwing a molotov. Fortunately, you now know all the best ones for Vertigo. Make sure you practice them before trying them in a match so you don't accidentally molotov yourself.


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