Supreme Master First Class CS2 Rank

Supreme Master First Class CS2 Rank

Supreme Master First Class, SMFC, is the second highest rank in CS2. If you want to learn more about this rank, you are in the right place. Here is a complete explaination of what the Supreme Master First Class rank represents and how it holds up against other skill groups. This article was updated in 2024.

How Good Is The Supreme Master First Class Rank?

Supreme Master First Class is the second-best rank in CS2. There are around 2.6% of CS2 players in this skill group, with only 0.8% being in a skill group better than them. Plus, 96.6% of the CS2 player base is ranked lower than SMFC. All this tells us that Supreme Master First Class is a good rank. The only skill group higher than this is the Global Elite, which, as we have mentioned, makes up only 0.8% of the player base.

How Hard Is It To Move Up From Supreme Master First Class?

Supreme Master First Class

The absolute toughest rank to get out of is the Supreme Master First Class. Almost everyone in this rank wants to move up since the next skill group is the highest one in the game, Global Elite. In other words, the players you come up against in this skill group won't let you win that easily. Moving up from Supreme Master First Class is very hard.

What Skills Should Supreme Master First Class Players Have?

Supreme Master First Class is the second hardest rank to get into. You won't get into this skill group by joking around. Here is a list of all skills you must have if you are at Supreme Master First Class:

  • Perfect Recoil Control & Aim: SMFC players have great aim. What makes them so good is that they track and snap crosshairs to enemies through muscle memory alone, making aiming effortless for them. Besides hitting precise and accurate shots, SMFC players have near-perfect recoil control.
  • Tactical Awareness: At SMFC, a player can easily have clocked upwards of a thousand plus hours on the game. Once someone spends such time, they develop an insane level of game sense to the point where they can even predict enemy movement.
  • Complete Map Knowledge: Knowing the locations of a map isn't that impressive. SMFC players have also developed multiple strategies they can implement on each competitive map. Plus, they know the counters for these strategies.
  • Perfect Teamwork & Communication: If a player is in the SMFC skill group, you can expect that they are part of a regular team or a clan. Most of them play as if they were practicing for an upcoming esports match, ironing out teamwork and communication.
  • Accurately Using Throwables: Throwables are one of the strongest tools in CS2, even more than guns in some cases. SMFC players know how to use them effectively, using flashbangs and smoke grenades in places a regular CS2 player would never expect.

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Supreme Master First Class is the second-best rank in CS2. While getting into this rank is quite difficult, getting out of it would seem like a nightmare. Almost every CS2 player's dream is to rank up from here to reach Global Elite, so your opponents won't let you go without a fight. However, if you try hard enough, you will eventually get there.


How do I rank up to Supreme Master First Class in CS2?

Ranking up to Supreme Master First Class requires consistent dedication, practice, and improvement of your skills. Focus on perfecting your aim, mastering recoil control, enhancing game sense, and playing as a team. Winning matches and performing well individually will contribute to your rank progression.

Is Supreme Master First Class considered a high-level rank in CS2?

Yes, Supreme Master First Class is considered one of the highest ranks in CS2. It is the second-best rank in the game, with only the Global Elite rank being higher. Achieving this rank demonstrates a high level of skill and expertise in CS2 gameplay.

What percentage of CS2 players are in the Supreme Master First Class rank?

Approximately 2.6% of CS2 players belong to the Supreme Master First Class rank. This indicates that it is a relatively exclusive rank and requires considerable effort to reach.

How challenging is it to progress from Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite?

Moving up from Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite is incredibly challenging. The Global Elite rank is the highest skill group in CS2, and only 0.8% of players achieve it. Players in the Supreme Master First Class are competing fiercely to reach this prestigious rank, making the journey difficult and competitive.

Can I improve my CS2 gameplay without reaching the Supreme Master First Class rank?

Absolutely! Improvement in CS2 is a continuous process, regardless of your rank. Practice, watch professional gameplay, analyze your mistakes, and play with a team to enhance your skills and game sense. Remember, the goal is to become a better player overall, regardless of the specific rank you achieve.


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