CS2 Entry Fragger Guide

CS2 Entry Fragger Guide

CS2 is a complex game with players having a wide range of playstyles. These playstyles can be categorized into six main types called roles. One of those roles is the Entry Fragger. If you want to learn more about it, you are at the right place. Here is a complete guide on the Entry Fragger role in CS2.

What is the Entry Fragger Role in CS2?

In a match of CS2, combat starts when someone initiates it. Unfortunately, the person who initiates combat is at a high risk of dying since most enemy positions have yet to be discovered. Since initiating an attack is high-risk, teams in high-rank play designate that task to one player, called the Entry Fragger.

The job of the Entry Fragger is to initiate a push toward a plant site, clearing all possible angles that an enemy might be holding. The main goal that the Entry Fragger should focus on is paving the way so the team can get control of the plant site. Even if the Entry Fragger dies, they will have revealed the enemy's position, allowing their teammates to get the re-frag or trade kill.

Skills Required for the Entry Fragger Role in CS2

The Entry Fragger is one of the most crucial roles in CS2. To be successful at Entry Fragging, players must have certain skills, which include:

  • Sharp Reflexes: Entry Fraggers must enter the battlefield completely blind, with almost no information about enemy positioning, which means an enemy can pop out from anywhere. The Entry Fragger must have sharp reflexes to eliminate enemies from such a high-risk position.

  • Confidence and Aggression: Pushing aggressively toward the enemy can help catch them off guard, one of the only advantages Entry Fraggers can exploit. Entry Fraggers must be confident in their combat skills to effectively carry out an aggressive push.

  • Coordination: Almost all attack strategies require well-placed and coordinated smoke grenades and flashbangs. Entry Fraggers must be able to coordinate with the team to strategically initiate a push, making the most of smoke grenades and flashbangs.

Map Knowledge: Since the Entry Fragger doesn't know the exact enemy positions, they should have good map knowledge so they know where to look for. Entry Fraggers should know about all the common angles an enemy might hold.

Is Entry Fragger the Right Role for You?

The Entry Fragger role is reserved for the most aggressive players in the game. If you are the kind of player who likes to go all guns blazing on the enemy, then you can be a great Entry Fragger.

However, many gamers like to take the slower, more tactical and methodological approach, which is also a crucial skill in CS2. If you don't like playing aggressively, you can look at some of the other roles.

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The Entry Fragger is the first line of attack of a CS2 team. If you want to be a good Entry Fragger, you must focus on improving your reflexes and adopting an aggressive playstyle. Fortunately, you'll see significant improvement if you practice regularly.


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