CS2 Anubis Smokes

Anubis Smokes

Anubis is one of the more recent maps to enter the Counter-Strike scene. Consequently, the player base hasn't spent much time on it. To help you get up to speed with Anubis, here is a complete guide on the ten crucial smokes on CS2 Anubis.

Best CS2 Anubis Smokes

Window Smoke from T Spawn

This smoke lineup is probably the fastest and the easiest way to throw a Window smoke on Anubis. Go ahead and stand in the left corner of the rightmost door in T Spawn, aim at the left tip of the building, and do a jump throw.

B Connector Smoke from T Spawn

There are several ways to smoke B Connector. To smoke it off from the same spot as the Window smoke above, stand in the same corner of the door in T Spawn, aim at the 3rd edge of the building's roof as shown in the picture, and do a jump throw.

B Connector Smoke from Payphones

To smoke B Connector from A Alley / Payphones, stand in the corner beside the Payphones, aim at the structure sticking out of the building as shown below, and do a jump throw.

B Site Left Side Smoke

You can use this lineup to quickly smoke off the left side of B Site to prevent early fights. Start by getting into the corner close to the locked gate, place your crosshair slightly above the plant on the roof, and then do a jump throw.

CT Spawn Smoke from Outside B

With this smoke lineup, you can cover the entire CT Spawn entrance towards B Site. Head towards the corner close to the broken bricks, crouch down, place your crosshair above the 2nd pillar, move it slightly to the left side as shown below, and do a left-click throw while staying crouched.

B Site Temple Smoke

This smoke lineup works best for a B-Site rush combined with the CT Spawn smoke. While coming out from T Spawn, hug the wall and aim at the mark on the wall, as shown in the picture below. Once done, do a jump throw.

A Main Smoke

If your team is about to retake A-Site, you can use this lineup as a CT. Head towards T Side Upper and stand on the platform next to the chair, aim at the mark on the wall shown below and do a jump throw.

A Heaven Smoke

To smoke off the Heaven area, stand near the boxes in the Boat area, place your crosshair between the corner of the bricks on the wall as shown below, and do a jump throw.

Camera Room from Upper Rugs

This lineup is a great way to smoke Camera Room from Upper Rugs. Stand on the edge of the Upper Rugs area, aim slightly under the top of the window as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

T Stairs Smoke from CT Spawn

To smoke off the T-Stairs area from CT Spawn, stand in the corner of the small wall in CT Spawn, aim at the tip of the building in front of you, and do a jump throw.

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These were ten of the most effective smoke lineups in CS2 Anubis. Since a lot of players don't have any experience on this map, you'll have a significant advantage over them if you learn these lineups.


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