CS2 Dust2 Smokes

Dust2 Smokes

Dust 2 is probably the most iconic map in the Counter-Strike scene, with many players playing solely on Dust 2 throughout their Counter-Strike journey. To help you level up your game on Dust 2, here is a complete guide on CS2 Dust 2 smokes.

Best CS2 Dust 2 Smokes

XBOX Smoke

Firstly, we have the most essential smoke for Dust 2, the XBOX. Go to the corner with the metal railing on T spawn, jump on the floor with the railing, line up the crosshair in the corner of the building as shown below, and do a jump throw.

Long Corner Smoke

The Long Corner smoke is as essential as the first one, especially if you wish to push A from A Long. Stand beside the half wall near T Spawn, aim at the crack on top of the Long Doors building, and do a jump throw.

Long Doors to Long Corner Smoke

Use this one if you are already in Long Doors and want to smoke Long Corner. Stand on the corner with the wooden crates, aim at the edge of the crate, and do a jump throw.

A-Cross Smoke

To smoke A-Cross, move right next to the blue barrel after exiting Long Doors, aim at the leftmost part of the center beam on the metal gate, and do a running jump throw. This smoke is essential for pushing into the A-site.

CT-Spawn to A Smoke

Alternatively, you can also smoke CT Spawn instead of the A-Cross area. To do that, stand next to the center of the hollowed wall after exiting Long Doors, aim slightly above the corner of the building shown in the images below, and do a simple standing throw.

B-Doors Smoke

Switching things up a bit, let's talk about the B-site. To smoke B Doors, stand right next to the wooden crate in Upper Tunnels, line up your crosshair slightly above the corner as shown below, and do a simple standing throw.

B-Window Smoke

The B Doors smoke is most effective when combined with the B Window Smoke. To smoke B Window, stand toward the lower left side of the wooden plank Outsitde Tunnels, aim at the rightmost window of the Tunnels Building as shown below, and do a jump throw.

CT Spawn to B Smoke

To smoke CT Spawn so CTs don't have a line of sight from their spawn to Outside B, walk in the corner next to XBOX, aim at the dot on the building as shown in the images below, and do a standing throw.

A Short Smoke 1

Walk up to the center of the metal gate on A Short, aim at the dot above the window as shown below, do a left-click throw, and the smoke will allow you to push from A-Short.

A Short Smoke 2

To make it even easier to push from A Short, combine the above smoke with this one. Head over to the corner at A Short and do a standing throw while aiming at the center of the window, as shown below.

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Those were all the essential smokes for Dust 2. If you practice and learn them all, you won't ever have to look up a Dust 2 smoke guide again.


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