What Is ADR in CS2?

If you’ve ever watched CS2 esports tournaments, you’ve probably seen the term “ADR” being thrown around before matches. But what does that even mean? Well, you’re in the right place. Here’s a complete explanation of what ADR is in CS2.

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ADR in CS2 Explained

ADR is an acronym for Average Damage per Round, which is a number that represents the average damage a player has dealt in either a single match or an entire series of a tournament. ADR is often used to assess a player’s performance throughout all the matches for an esports event. The higher the ADR, the better the player’s overall performance.

Let’s look at an example to help you understand how it works. If a player has an ADR of 100 once they’ve progressed in an esports event after playing a couple of matches, it means they managed to inflict an average damage of 100 units for every round.

The number “100” represents the accumulative average. In other words, the player doesn’t necessarily have to deal that much damage every round. They can have damage of 200 for half the rounds and 0 for the rest and still land at an ADR of 100.

However, what does it even mean to have an ADR of 100? Well, 100 ADR is impressive for any professional CS2 player. A single player has 100 total health points, which means a player with 100 ADR killed one enemy in every round on average.

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ADR, short for Average Damage per Round, represents the average damage a player has inflicted on the enemy team for every round they’ve played in a match or for several matches in an entire tournament. ADR is often used to tell whether a professional player has been performing good or bad in an esports event.


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