Will CS2 Be On Console?

CS2 is generating a lot of hype within the Counter-Strike community. People are speculating that Counter-Strike will finally come to consoles with the launch of CS2. If you are a console player, are itching to test Counter-Strike on the latest-gen consoles, and want to learn more about CS2 on console, you are in the right place. Here is our complete explaination of whether you will see CS2 on consoles.

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Counter-Strike Games On Consoles

Counter-Strike has always been a game primarily for PCs. However, there has always been some demand from console gamers for Counter-Strike to be available for them. While there have been attempts to bring the game to consoles, it wasn’t very successful because, as mentioned, the demand wasn’t that much.

Some of the Counter-Strike games to release for consoles include Counter-Strike Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Condition Zero got launched for the Xbox console in 2004. CSGO got released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012. However, there has been no Counter-Strike game for the latest-gen consoles, including the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Counter-Strike 2 Availability For Console

The short answer is no. At least at launch, you won’t be able to play CS2 on consoles. Valve has confirmed that CS2 will be a PC-exclusive title at launch. Also, Valve has not yet released any confirmations about CS2’s launch on consoles.

Fortunately, Valve has not ruled out the possibility of a console version in the future either. Valve did release CSGO on consoles after its initial PC release either. If the demand from the console community is enough, CS2 might just come to the latest-gen consoles.

However, this is purely speculation. It has been several years since the last Coutner-Strike game came to consoles, and we don’t know if CS2 on consoles can become a reality. Sadly, console players need to wait for official announcements from Valve regarding CS2’s availability on consoles.

Is The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Available On Console?

If you have been following the Counter-Strike scene, you probably know the limited test for Counter-Strike 2 is active. As for what platforms the test is available on, it’s only for the Windows platform. Currently, the testing phase for Counter-Strike 2 has no support for any other platform.

Valve has not released any announcement regarding the support for other platforms, such as Mac or consoles, during the limited test phase either. Since the testing phase is designed only to take feedback from the community so the developers can iron out all the issues, it seems natural that they would focus on a single platform at this stage.

Players who wish to participate in the testing phase must have access to a Windows-based system. If you only have access to a console, then, sadly, you won’t be able to play the limited test for Counter-Strike 2.

What Platforms Will CS2 Be Available On?

As mentioned, Valve has confirmed that CS2 will be a PC-exclusive title at launch. It means CS2 will be available for Windows systems once it gets released. As for players that don’t have a Windows system, Valve has not released any confirmation on whether Counter-Strike 2 will be available on Mac or Console.

However, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been available on macOS for a long time. We can expect CS2 to be available on Mac. Sadly, as mentioned, there is no good news for console gamers. We will just have to wait until Valve releases more information.

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CS2 will likely not be available on consoles at release. Valve has confirmed that CS2 will be a PC-exclusive title at launch. An upcoming CS2 console version remains uncertain since Valve has neither revealed confirmations nor ruled out the possibility of it in the future. We can only say with 100% certainty that CS2 will be available on Windows systems.


Will Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) be available on consoles at launch?

No, CS2 will not be available on consoles at launch. Valve has confirmed that CS2 will be a PC-exclusive title initially.

Have there been any previous Counter-Strike games available on consoles?

Yes, Counter-Strike games have been launched on consoles in the past. Counter-Strike Condition Zero was launched for the Xbox in 2004, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012. However, there have been no Counter-Strike games for the latest-gen consoles.

Is there a chance that CS2 might come to consoles in the future?

While Valve has not confirmed any plans to release CS2 on consoles, they have also not ruled out the possibility. It will likely depend on the demand from the console community.

Is the Counter-Strike 2 limited test available on consoles?

No, the limited test for Counter-Strike 2 is currently available only on the Windows platform. Valve has not announced plans to support other platforms for the testing phase.


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