Will CSGO Skins Transfer to CS2?

CSGO players have spent hours collecting weapon skins and building a sizable inventory. With the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), those players are worried about what will happen to their hard-earned CSGO skins and whether they will carry over to the new game. Keep reading to discover the answer to precisely that.

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What Does CS2 Launch Mean For CSGO?

To understand what will happen to your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins after Counter-Strike 2 gets released, it is important to understand what the launch of CS2 means for CSGO. To help you with that, here is a complete explanation.

If you have been playing Counter-Strike since CS 1.6, you probably know that the community essentially shifts to the latest title as soon as it releases. With the launch of Counter-Strike Source, players left CS 1.6 and switched to the newer game. In the same way, people shifted from Counter-Strike Source to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shortly after it launched.

While a majority of the community makes the shift, there still is a minority that keeps playing the game. For example, on average, Counter-Strike Source still has a concurrent player count of 2,500. That happened because CS Source and CSGO are separate games, despite CSGO getting designed as a replacement for CS Source.

With that said, the launch of Counter-Strike 2 is not like the launches of previous Counter-Strike games. Valve has stated that CS2 is a free upgrade for CSGO, which means that CS2 will replace CSGO. After the launch of CS2, you won’t see CSGO in your library. In place of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will see Counter-Strike 2.

Will My CSGO Skins Get Transferred To CS2?

The short answer is yes. Your CSGO skins will transfer to CS2. If you were getting worried that all your CSGO skins would become useless after the launch of CS2, now you know that won’t happen. Here is an explanation of how that will work.

You can consider Counter-Strike 2 as an update for  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With this update, CSGO will get a major overhaul in terms of how it looks, and it will also get a new name which is CS2.

Fortunately, Valve has also confirmed that everything in your CSGO inventory will get transferred to your new CS2 inventory. When you start CS2 after the transition, you will see all your CSGO skins in the CS2 in-game inventory as you did with CSGO.

Will I Be Able To Trade Counter-Strike Skins As Normal?

Since CS2 is a Valve game and CSGO skins will get transferred to CS2, all transactions related to Counter-Strike skins will operate as usual. In other words, if you want to trade the skins you acquired during the CSGO days with new skins added to the game after CS2’s launch, you won’t have any trouble doing that.

Will My Prime Status Transfer To CS2?

Besides CSGO skins, players are also worried that their Prime Status upgrade will go to waste after the launch of CS2. However, there is no need to worry. Like CSGO skins, the Prime Status upgrade will also get transferred to the new game. You won’t have to purchase it again if you have already purchased it for CSGO.

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CSGO players can rest assured knowing that their CSGO skins won’t go to waste. All CSGO skins will get transferred to CS2. All functions related to skins, like trading, will operate normally in CS2 as they did in CSGO. Also, the Prime Status upgrade will get transferred to players that have already bought it in CSGO. They won’t have to buy it again in CS2.


Will my CSGO skins be carried over to CS2?

Yes, all your CSGO skins will be transferred to CS2. When you open your inventory in CS2, you will see all the skins that you owned in CSGO.

Can I still trade skins in CS2 like I did in CSGO?

Yes, the trading system will continue to operate as usual. You’ll be able to trade the skins from your CSGO days with new skins added after CS2’s launch without any issues.

What will happen to my Prime Status in CS2?

If you’ve purchased Prime Status in CSGO, it will also be transferred to CS2. You won’t have to buy it again for the new game.

Will CS2 replace CSGO in my game library?

Yes, CS2 will replace CSGO in your library. Once CS2 is launched, CSGO will no longer appear in your library and you will see Counter-Strike 2 instead.


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