5 Best CS2 T Guns

Counter-Strike 2 is a competitive game packed with thrill and excitement, offering players a high-stakes, fast-paced gaming experience that quenches that competitive thirst like no other. With the extensive list of weapons available, one of the main decisions affecting player performance in a match is which ones they’ve added to their loadout. To help you with that, here is a closer look at the top five best CS2 T guns.

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You probably already know what the AK-47 is! It’s the prized possession of the Terrorists, which the Counter-Terrorists can’t wait to get their hands on once the side finally switches. In the hands of a player with good aim, no CT automatic rifle stands a chance against the AK-47 since it can one-shot headshot opponents even if they have a helmet on.

The AK-47 is probably the only weapon in the entire game that is as infamous as the AWP. It’s also cheaper than both the M4s from the CT side, priced only at $2700. As for the stats, the AK-47 has a base damage of 36, armor penetration of 77.50%, a fire rate of 600 RPM, a 4X headshot multiplier, and only a 2% damage falloff.

All the stats above make the AK-47 a beast of a weapon, performing effectively in all sorts of scenarios. You can just one-tap or shoot in short bursts if the enemy is at long range, or spray full auto if the enemies are in front of you.

The only downside of the AK47 is its hard-to-control recoil pattern, which doesn’t appear as that big of an issue if you can take the time and practice. All in all, the AK-47 is a must-have in your loadout for the T side. No wonder the AK47 has the highest pick rate and total kills of all the weapons in CS2.


The Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle, or the AWP, isn’t just for the CT side. It’s also available for the Terrorists. It’s one of the most iconic weapons in the game, creating some of the most unbelievable moments in CS2 esports history. One particular example that comes to mind is when Fnatic decided to run four AWPs while on the T side, aiming at Mid Doors, destroying a CT player as they tried to peek.

While it is one of the most powerful guns in the game and can kill an enemy in just one shot, it demands quite a bit of skill to handle. You can’t shoot it while running, so it’s best suited for when you would want to hold particular angels.

But, when the AWP gets in the hands of a skilled player, it becomes a formidable force, with no assault rifle player even daring to contest it. That’s also one of the main reasons players don’t have an issue spending a whopping 4,750 bucks whenever they get the chance.

Galil AR

Coming up at the number three spot, we have the Galil AR. The main reason why we consider Galil AR to be one of the best T weapons is that in situations when both teams have a low economy, the Terrorists can actually end up with an assault rifle while the CTs have to stick with SMGs.

The low price isn’t the only thing that makes the Galil AR great. While you should always prefer an AK-47, the Galil AR has a decent damage of 30, a high RMP of 666.67, and a 77.50% armor penetration.

Circling back to the price, you can get all those things for just $1800, which makes the Galil AR the cheapest assault rifle in the entire game. The Counter-Terrorists have no assault rifles that are as cheap, which means they’ll probably have to use one of the SMGs, which aren’t nearly as effective compared to an assault rifle.

Dessert Eagle

Up next, we have the Desert Eagle, one of the most powerful pistols in CS2. With the damage of 53, armor penetration of 93.20%, and damage fall off of just 15%, you can one-shot head-shot enemies regardless of their range or whether they have a helmet.

It’s also why many players prefer to purchase the Desert Eagle on Force Buy Rounds. However, the Deagle is also a bit difficult to use, and you’ll require a fair bit of practice before you can start one-tapping enemies with something that costs $700.

With all that said, the Desert Eagle is probably one of the heaviest-hitting weapons in CS2, with the second-highest damage of all the pistols in the game. It’s also one of the main reasons that a lot of players consider the Deagle as the AWP’s little brother. Once you spend enough time practicing and have learned how to control it, you’ll be one-tapping enemies left and right, and they won’t know what hit them.


The Tec-9 is no heavy hitter like the Desert Eagle. Its base damage of just 33 isn’t impressive, considering the USP-S, a starting pistol, has a higher damage of 35. Its damage fall-off is also the worst of all the pistols at 21%. Yet, a popular strategy used by professional CS2 players is to purchase Tec-9s and rush toward a particular bomb site. Surprisingly, this strategy works most of the time.

The Tec-9 is considered a decent pick because of its high RPM, higher than any semi-automatic pistol, and insane first-shot running accuracy. You can practically be on a full sprint, and the first shot of the Tec-9 will land precisely on the crosshair. After that, you can spam it at the enemy as an automatic weapon. If all five Terrorists enter a bomb site like this, the one or two Counter-Terrorists holding won’t stand a chance.

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Undoubtedly, CS2 is one of the most tactical games out there, where your chances of winning don’t just depend on your aim. Now you have a complete guide on one of the most common questions CS2 players have, which is what weapons to choose on their T-side loadout. Of all the weapons mentioned above, the AK-47 is probably the most important.

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