CS2 Mirage Callouts Guide

Mirage is probably the most popular map in CS2’s competitive scene, with almost every Counter-Strike tournament having a match or two played on it. If you just started playing on Mirage, you are in the right place. To help you get up to speed, here is a complete guide on CS2 Mirage callouts.

Mirage Callouts

  • CT Spawn: The location where the Counter-Terrorists spawn every round.
  • CT/CT Stairs: Stairs directly toward the right of CT Spawn leading toward A Site.
  • Trash/Trash Can: A trash bin to the left above CT Stairs.
  • Ticket Booth/Ticket: Grey ticket booth opposite to Trash Can. (Popular AWPer spot)
  • Palm/Bench: Two benches nearest to CT Stairs in A Site with palm trees behind them.
  • Triple Box/Triple: Three boxes in the plant area on A Site nearest to T Spawn.
  • Firebox: Boxes with fire symbols in the A Site plant area.
  • Default: Plant area between Tripple Box at A Site.
  • Vent: A hole near CT Spawn players can crouch through to Mid.
  • Sniper’s Nest: Large window toward left after crossing Vent. (Popular AWPer spot)
  • Jungle: Area toward the right after crossing Vent, leading to A Site.
  • Stairs: Set of stairs directly in front of Jungle.
  • Connector: Short tunnel connecting Mid to Jungle and Stairs, leading to A Site.
  • Mid: The middle/center section of the map, with a direct view from Sniper’s Nest.
  • Boost: Ledges players can use to boost a teammate into Sniper’s Nest from Mid.
  • Ladder Room/Ladder: Small room leading to Sniper’s Nest from B Short.
  • Market: A shop connecting B Site players can reach directly from CT Spwan.
  • Window: Window with breakable shutters in Market with a direct view of B Site.
  • Door: Doorway connecting Market to B Site.
  • Empty: B Site pillar closest to Market’s Door.
  • Bench: A bench in front of a small brick wall in B Site.
  • Van/Car: A white van on B Site players can use to enter B Apps from B Site.
  • B Site: Area where Terrorists must plant the bomb.
  • E Box: A corner in B Site toward the right of Window for players in Market.
  • T Spawn: Location where Terrorists spawn each round.
  • Side Alley: Area connecting Mid, T Spawn, and House.
  • House: Building leading to B Site from Side Alley.
  • TV: TV in House.
  • Back Alley: Area connecting Underpass, House, and B Appartments, leading to B Site.
  • B Apartments/B Apps: The final building players must cross to reach B Site.
  • B Plat: Elevated platform outside B Apps connecting B Site.
  • Top Mid: Highest area of Mid, Nearest to T Spawn.
  • Mid Boxes: Set of boxes in top Mid.
  • Chair/Delpan: A small chair in a corner of Mid. It’s a common hiding spot.
  • Catwalk: Elevated passage alongside mid used to reach B Site.
  • B Short: Area over the Underpass, leading to B Site from Catwalk.
  • Arches: Area between B Short and B Site.
  • Underpass: Underground passage connecting the bottom portion of Mid to Back Alley.
  • Palace: The building connected to the furthest of the two paths to A Site from T Spawn.
  • Pillars: Pillars inside the Palace. Often used as cover in gunfights.
  • Balcony: Balcony with wooden flooring right outside Palace.
  • Shadows: Small area directly under Balcony.
  • T Roof: Elevated path along Palace’s outside wall and the second path to A Site.
  • A Ramp: Stairs leading up to A Site from T Spawn.
  • Tetris: Stack of boxes right in front of A Ramp.
  • Sandwich: Small area between Tetris and Stairs.
  • A Site: An area where Terrorists must plant the bomb.

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CS2 Mirage Callouts Guide

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