CS2 Overpass HE Grenades

CS2 Overpass HE Grenades

An HE grenade is a great tool that players can use to exploit the unexpected nature of CS2 gameplay since a well-placed HE grenade usually doesn't give any time to react. Sometimes, they can result in multiple kills if the enemies are low enough. Therefore, here are some of the top HE lineups you can use while playing on Overpass.

Best CS2 Overpass HE Grenades

A Default From CT Stairs

To use the first HE grenade lineup in this guide, start by standing near the spray cans in the CT Stairs area. After that, place your crosshair slightly above the trash container at the CT Spawn area and do a left-click throw. The HE grenade will land right at the default plant area, severely damaging players at that spot.

B Default From Water Connector

This lineup is pretty easy, yet it is arguably one of the most useful HE grenade lineups you can use for the B-Site. For this lineup, stand at the spot in the Water Connector area, as shown in the image below, aim at the light bulb under the bridge, and do a left-click throw.

Water From B Connector

Now, let's talk about a lineup that's literally the exact opposite of the previous one. Stand beside the wall outside B Connector, aim between the slight gap in the shadow on the ground, as shown in the image below, and do a jump throw. This HE grenade will land at the entrance of the Water area from the Tracks area.

Toxic Barrels From Water

Retaking B-Site is always difficult because there are so many angles. You can use this lineup to push off any enemy playing near toxic barrels, a common holding spot in B-Stite. Start by standing on top of the railing in the Water area, align your crosshair as shown in the image below, and do a running left-click throw.

B Short From A Main

If you want to help your team that's on B-Site while you're on the A-Site, learn this HE grenade and use it the next time you're in that type of situation. Stand on top of the exhaust fan in the A Main area, aim at the third spike from the left, and do a running throw.

B Site From B Connector

Speaking of tricky situations, whenever you are trying to rotate from the A through B Connector, use this lineup if you have a handy HE grenade in your inventory. Simply stand behind the door of B Connector, place your crosshair at the spot shown in the image below, and do a left-click throw.

A Truck From A Long

When trying to push toward the A-Site, one of the main things you have to deal with is the enemies playing behind the Truck. To push those players back so you can make your way into A-Site, start by standing in front of the second pillar in A Long, align your crosshair as shown below, and do a running jump throw.

B Graffiti from Water

CTs like to hide in the Graffiti area so they can play for a retake when they hear a fast push toward the B-Site. If you hear that player through the wall, use this unexpected HE grenade lineup to deal massive damage to them. Stand near the "B" signboard in the Water area, align your crosshair as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

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If you've gone through all the HE grenade lineups above, you probably now realize how powerful they can be, considering how unexpected they are. To become a beast at dealing unexpected damage in Overpass, start practicing the lineups above and use them in public matches.


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