CS2 Inferno Callouts Guide

Inferno is one of those maps that received massive changes with the launch of CS2. While the general locations and callouts are the same, certain areas did change. Here is an updated list of callouts to help you get up to speed with Inferno in CS2.

Inferno Callouts

  • CT Spawn: Spawn location for Counter-Terrorists.
  • Speedway: Long passage in front of CT Spawn connecting Arch to B Site.
  • Terrace: Area connected with Arch entrance, Speedway, and CT Spawn.
  • Construction: The Church near B Site.
  • Tree: The corner in front of the Construction entrance.
  • Garden: A small flower garden outside Construction.
  • Kitchen: A wine cellar toward the left of CT Spawn.
  • Library: The area of the wine cellar closest to A site.
  • Arch: A passageway from CT to A site.
  • Arch Side: Area right after the Arch exit in front of the Library exit.
  • T Spawn: Spawn location for Terrorists.
  • T Ramp: Curved stairs on the leftmost path from T Spawn.
  • Banana: Long corridor toward the left of T Ramp leading to B Site.
  • Logs: A small hiding spot to the left near Banana’s entrance from T Spawn.
  • Car: Barrels supporting a wooden plank at the end of Banana near B Site.
  • Sand Bags/Construction: Sandbags toward the right of Banana’s exit.
  • Porch: Area directly in front of Sand Bags leading to B Site.
  • B Site: Area where Terrorists plant the bomb.
  • 1st: Hiding spot next to Porch between the two boxes in B Site.
  • 2nd: Another hiding spot right next to 1st.
  • Fountain: A fountain in the center of B Site.
  • Dark: A corner in B site opposite to 1st and 2nd.
  • Mid/Middle: Large area toward the right of the T Ramp exit.
  • Top Mid: The furthest part of Mid from T Spawn.
  • Bench: A corner in Mid that the Terrorists use as cover while pushing toward A Site.
  • Living Room: Area going upstairs at T Ramp entrance.
  • Bridge: Bridge to the right of the Living Room entrance at the top of the stairs.
  • Balcony: Balcony connected to the Living Room.
  • T Apartments/T Apps: Area at the end of the Bridge opposite the Living Room.
  • Second Mid: Large area between T Apps and Living Room.
  • Underpass: The underground passage between Mid and Second Mid.
  • Back Alley: The area at the exit of T Apartments.
  • Stairs: Stairs connecting Back Alley to the CT Appartments/CT Apps entrance.
  • CT Apartments/Apartments: Apartments close to A Site.
  • Close Apartments: Section of CT Apps closest to A Site.
  • Balcony: The balcony right outside Close Apartments.
  • Window: Big window in CT Apps with a complete view of Second Mid.
  • Second Mid Stairs: Set of stairs directly under the Window.
  • A Short: Area to the right of Top Mid exit alongside CT Apps.
  • Boiler: Second CT Apps entrance in the A Short area.
  • A Long: Area directly outside Arch leading to A site.
  • Patio: The corner of A short with a view of the Truck, A Long, and Top Mid.
  • Long Corner: The corner of A Long with a view of A Short, Library, and Top Mid.
  • Pit: Area to the right under the Balcony.
  • Dosia: The furthest corner of the Pit from A Site.
  • Truck: A truck located under Close Apartments Balcony.
  • Cemetery: Small area in front of the CT Apartments Balcony near Dosia.
  • Graveyard: Elevated platform right next to Cemetery.
  • A Site: Area where Terrorists plant the bomb.
  • Close Left: A box directly to the left when going from A Short to A site.
  • Back Site (A): The far side to the right when going A Site from A Long.

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CS2 Inferno Callouts Guide

Over time, some of these callouts may change. For example, the Kitchen might start being called the Wine Cellar. Fortunately, whenever the community adapts to a newer callout, we’ll be the first to let you know.


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