CS2 Office Callouts Guide

The Office is probably one of the least-played maps in CS2. However, you might eventually have to play on it, and it’s a good idea to know all the callouts for it. To help you with that, here is a complete CS2 Office callouts guide.

Office Callouts

  • CT Spawn: It is the spawn location for the Counter-Terrorists.
  • Van: The big van in the CT Spawn area.
  • Rescue Dumpster: The big green trash container in the Rescue area.
  • Garage: A garage in front of the CT Spawn area.
  • Garage Yard: The open space connecting with the Garage entrance.
  • Garage Dumpster: A blue trash container filled with snow in the Grage Yard.
  • Garage Windows: A set of six breakable glass windows leading to an in-door area from the Garage Yard.
  • Garage Stairs: Right-angled stairs leading to the hostage area from the Garage.
  • Tuck: A hiding spot toward the right of Garage Windows.
  • Elevators: The corridor toward the left of the Garage Stairs exit with two out-of-order elevators.
  • Cross: The corridor in front of the elevator area, opposite the Garage Windows.
  • Mid: The curved corridor directly in front of the Cross area.
  • Paper: A room filled with printing paper toward the right of Cross.
  • Kitchen: A Kitchen connected with the Paper room.
  • Greed: Greed refers to the wall in the Kitchen directly to the right after the Paper room exit with a poster with the word “Greed” written on it.
  • Cooler: The area inside the Kitchen with the water dispenser.
  • Projector: The large area with the projector right after the Kitchen area.
  • CT Books: It’s the corner of the Projector room with a large bookshelf closest to the CT Spawn area.
  • Light: The area of the Projector room with the light on.
  • Dark: The area of the Projector room with the lights off.
  • Clock Wall: A wall in the Projector room with a large clock.
  • Back Wall: The furthest wall in the Projector room, behind the table.
  • T Books: The corner in the Projector room with another large bookshelf opposite the CT Books area.
  • Doorway: The doorway that connects the Mid area to the Projector room.
  • Connector: A right-angled corridor leading to T Spawn from Mid.
  • Conn Cabs/Connector Cabinets: A set of file cabinets before entering Connector.
  • Fish Bowl: An office area with several computers on two sides, connecting the T Spawn area with the Doorway area.
  • T Spawn: The area of the map where the terrorists spawn.
  • Couch: A couch in the T Spawn area.
  • Corner: The furthest corner in the room of the T Spawn area.
  • Plant Side: The area in the corridor next to the T Spawn area with a giant potted plant.
  • Side Hall: The corridor right next to the T Spawn area with the giant plant.
  • Long Hall: It’s the long corridor directly after the Side Hall toward its left.
  • Vending: A small area players can use for cover inside the Long Hall area. It has two vending machines in it.
  • Front Hall: Another corridor toward the left of Long Hall.
  • Bathroom: The area with bathrooms directly in front of the Long Hall.
  • Drinking Fountain: It refers to a drinking fountain opposite the elevator area.
  • Main Hall: The large corridor connecting the Bathroom, Elevators, and Front Hall.
  • Soda Machine: The corridor connecting the Front Hall with the Main Hall. It also has a tipped-over Soda Machine.
  • Front Stairs: The Stairs that lead to Main Hall from the CT Spawn area.
  • Front Office: The large office area connected with the Front Hall.
  • Front Yard: The largest open area on the map, connecting CT Spawn to the Front Office and Main Hall.
  • Long Snipe: An indoor area behind the Front Yard where CTs play as snipers.
  • Long Snipe Hideout: The small room leading to the Long Snipe area.
  • Snowman: An open area behind Front Yard with a snowman.
  • Short Snipe: An in-door area with a direct line of sight to the Front Office area.
  • Short Snipe Stairs: The set of stairs that lead to the Short Snipe area.

CS2 Office Callouts Guide

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It might take some time to learn all those callouts since Office is a fairly complicated map with a ton of different areas. However, if you keep practicing, you’ll eventually memorize all callouts for CS2 Office.


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