CS2 Overpass Callouts Guide

Right after getting better at aiming and recoil control, the very next thing that you should focus on is callouts. Callouts help you convey the precise locations of enemies to your teammates in the most efficient way possible. Here is a complete CS2 Overpass callouts guide you can use as a cheat sheet the next time you play on Overpass.

Overpass Callouts

  • T Spawn: Spawn location for the Terrorists.
  • T Stairs: Stairs directly toward the left in front of T Spawn.
  • Tunnels: In-door area directly after T Stairs.
  • Upper Tunnels / Ramp: Upper portion of the Tunnels area.
  • Playground: A playground toward the left, right after the top exit for the Upper Tunnels.
  • Fountain: Area beside the Playground with a fountain in the middle.
  • Mid: Open area directly toward the right of the Fountain exit opposite the Tunnels.
  • Party / Balloons / Upper Park: An elevated area along Mid with benches and balloons.
  • A Long: Open area beside the Party area, opposite the Mid area.
  • Rock: A big rock directly toward the right after entering A Long from Playground
  • Tree: The big tree in the center of A Long
  • Toilets: The in-door area connecting the Mid exit opposite to the Fountain.
  • Long Toilets: Portion of the toilets closest to A Long, with an entrance from A Long.
  • A Site: This plant site is located on the top layer of the map at the exit of A Long.
  • CT Spawn: The spawn location for the Counter-Terrorists. It is also the A Site.
  • Truck / Optimus Prime / Optimus: An 18-wheeler truck in A Site.
  • Van: An armored blue van at the back of A Site.
  • Close Left (Long): A corner opposite to Van and right next to A Long.
  • Bank: The Bank right behind A Site.
  • Lower Tunnels / Under: The lower portion of Tunnels.
  • Ladder: A ladder connecting the Upper Tunnels with the Lower Tunnels.
  • Connector: The set of stairs connecting the Lower Tunnels area with Mid.
  • A Short / Banana: Open area at the top of the Connector leading to A Site from Mid.
  • Squeaky: A door below the Connector leading to B Site from Lower Tunnels.
  • Water: Area directly outside Squeaky.
  • Boost: A corner in Water where players can boost each other to get a view of B Site.
  • Alley: First area along the rightmost path in front of T Spawn.
  • Tracks / Train: Area directly in front of Alley.
  • Sewers / Jail: Area right after Tracks leading toward B Site.
  • Pipe: A large pipe connecting Water and Tracks.
  • Monster: A large pipe connecting Tracks and Sewers.
  • Sandbags: A stack of sandbags at the corner of the path leading to B Site from Water.
  • B Short: Path right after Sandbags leading to B site.
  • Bridge: A wooden walkway going left from B Short.
  • Graffiti: The area toward the left from the Bridge exit, opposite B Site.
  • Walkway: The area directly in front of the Bridge exit, opposite Sandbags.
  • B Site: This plant site is located in the bottom layer of the map.
  • Pillar: A large pillar in B Site.
  • Pit: Lower area right next to B Site opposite Sewers.
  • Heaven: Elevated platform above Pit with a view of B Site.
  • Storage: A downstairs room behind the Bank.
  • Bins: A set of two blue garbage bins downstairs next to the Bank.

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CS2 Overpass Callouts Guide

Overpass can get confusing at times, especially the Bank and Heaven area or the Tunnels area. Use this guide as a cheat sheet and learn the callouts. After several matches on Overpass, it won’t seem very confusing, and you’ll be able to give precise callouts.


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