CS2 Nuke Flash Bangs

Nuke Flash Bangs

Your opponent can have the most powerful weapon, but if you know how to use a flash grenade correctly, you can beat that player in a 1V1 with just a pistol. To help you on your way toward becoming a better CS2 player, here are some of the top flash bangs you must know on Nuke.

Best CS2 Nuke Flashes

Ramp & Hell From Trophy

Let's start things off with this flash bang lineup that takes out two birds with one stone. You can use this flash to blind players holding the Ramp and the Hell area. Walk up to the left side of the doorway that connects Trophy to the Control room, as shown below. After that, place your crosshair in the top middle part of the second from the left light over the Ramp area and do a left-click throw.

Main From Hut

This is a must-learn flash lineup if you want to have an easier time trying to take control of the A-Site. This flash bang will blind the south side of the A-Site near the Main area. It will also blind anyone on the Rafters area watching the entrance to the Hut. To throw this flash bang, walk into the corner of the Hut as shown in the image below, aim at the point where the wires meet the electric box in the upper right portion, and do a running left-click throw.

Outside From A-Site

While playing on Nuke, you probably think you don't have any lines of sight to the Outside area. That's true, but that doesn't mean you can't help your teammates in the Outside area in other ways. For example, just use this flash bang lineup, and it will blind all Terrorists running up from the Outside area. Stand next to the radioactive material containers inside the A-Site, aim at the tip of the wire as shown below, and do a jump throw.

A-Site From Roof

This flashbang lineup is a bit tricky, so listen carefully. Start by going to the roof area with the two large metal exhaust vents. Stand toward the left, facing the vent as if you were about to cut it in half. After that, start counting the notches on the metal wall next to the door from right to left and stop at the third one. Place your crosshair on the yellow railing just below and slightly to the right of the third notch, and do a jump throw.

Garage From Under Silo

This flash bang lineup is absolutely essential when trying to make your way toward the Outside area as a Terrorist. That's because it is one of the few ways to blind players aiming at the Outside area from Garage and CT Red. To throw this flash, stand next to the metal pillar of the fence where it meets the word "ZONE" from the bottom, line up your crosshair as shown in the images below, and do a running left-click throw.

B-Site From Bottom Ramp

Lastly, let's talk about the flash bang you can use for B-Site. Walk to the bottom right section of the Bottom Ramp area and stand next to the metal structure on the wall, as shown below. After that, aim toward the corridor leading to B-Site and place your crosshair on the upper left corner of the electric box. Finally, do a left-click throw.

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Go through each of the flash bang lineups mentioned above and give them a couple of hours of practice. Once you are done, you'll notice a significant improvement in your win rate, and you just might get that final bit of elo to rank up.


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