CS2 Overpass Flash Bangs

Overpass Flash Bangs

While some players love playing on Overpass, many CS2 players find it difficult. However, if you learn a couple of flash bang lineups, you'll practically become unstoppable, especially against players who haven't yet learned the map. To help you with that, here are all the best flash bang lineups you should know for Overpass.

Best CS2 Overpass Flashes

Lower Tunnels From B-Site

Let's start this guide with a flash bang lineup for the Lower Tunnels area. While you won't directly benefit from this particular one, in terms of getting a free frag, one of your teammates will definitely get an easy kill, considering how unpredictable this lineup is. Start by standing next to the generator in B-Site and aligning your crosshair, as shown in the image below. After that, do a left-click throw, and the flash bang will pop right outside the Squeaky door, blinding players in the Lower Tunnels area and allowing your teammates to push them from the Connector.

Bridge From Tracks

Up next, we have another lineup that will benefit your teammates more than you. Use this lineup when your team is pushing from the Sandbags so they don't have to worry about players holding the Bridge area. To throw this flash bang, stand next to the angled shadow in the Tracks area, as shown below, aim slightly towards the right of the green monster's finger, and do a jump-throw.

B-Site From Water

If you're in the Water area with your team instead of the Tracks area, use this lineup instead of the one above. This flash bang will blind the player on the Bridge and several other spots in the B-Site area. Stand next to the plank painted with a giant "B," aim at the bottom right section of the concrete support, and do a left-click throw.

Water And Sandbags From Connector

Now, let's shift gears and talk about a couple of flash bang lineups you can use while on the Counter-Terrorist side, starting with an incredibly unpredictable one that blinds players inside the Water and Sandbags area. To throw this flash, stand in the corner of the bottom of the Connector stairs, crouch down, place your crosshair at the edge where the metal vent meets the roof, as shown in the image below, and do a left-click throw.

Tracks From B-Site

Being alone at a bomb site on a map like Overpass, where it takes years for your teammates to rotate back from one site to another, combined with a rush from the Terrorists, especially on B Site, is a guaranteed instant death for you. Fortunately, you can use this lineup to slow down a rush instead of getting killed instantly. Stand under the Heaven area next to the plant area in B Site, aim at the wooden floor of the B Site plant area, as shown in the image below, and do a jump throw. The flash bang will pop in the Tracks area, the most likely route the terrorists would have taken for a rush.

A Long From Sign

For the final one, we have another flash bang lineup you can use to prevent a rush when you are alone at a plant site, which is the A Site in this case. To throw a flash bang for a rush coming from A Long, stand right under the Sign and aim at one of its edges, as shown in the images below. After that, do a left-click throw.

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Now you are all set for almost any situation your opponents decide to throw at you on Overpass. If they try to get you off guard, they'll just get flashed, and you will get an easy kill on them. Just make sure you practice because some of the lineups are a bit tricky.


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