CS2 Inferno HE Grenades

CS2 Inferno HE Grenades

Inferno has a lot of nooks and crannies where players like to hide. An easy way to deal with those players is throwing a HE grenade that explodes right in their faces. If you like playing on Inferno and want to learn how to get more kills, here's a complete guide on some of the top HE grenade lineups on Inferno.

Best CS2 Inferno HE Grenades

CT Boost From Truck (Smoke Clearing)

Let's start this guide with a HE grenade lineup you can use to clear one of the most common smokes placed in the path between the CT-Spawn and B-Site. The starting position for this lineup is a bit tricky because, unlike most corners, your in-game character won't automatically wedge itself in this one. Stand in the corner as shown below, aim at the tip of the roof of the building right next to the smoke, and do a double-click throw.

CT Boost From Banana

You can throw a HE grenade at the same spot while on the Terrorist side as well. However, as you might have already guessed, this particular HE grenade won't be used to clear out the smoke but instead damage any Counter-Terrorist trying to go to the B-Side from CT. To throw this HE grenade, stand on top of the short wall in Banana, aim at the tip of the "1" from the "1810" at the bottom right corner of the wall as shown below, and do a jump throw.

Default B Site From Truck

Now, let's talk about a HE grenade lineup that lands in the default plant area at the B-Site. Because you'll have to be in the CT area to throw this HE grenade, it's best used to deny a plant or a diffuse if you're the Terrorist flanking. Start by standing in front of the rectangular pot in the CT area. After that, align your crosshair with the metal structure connected to the building and the street light, and do a two-step running left-click throw.

Back Site A From A Long

Now, let's shift gears and talk a bit about the A-Site, starting with the most common spot where you'll see both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists hiding, Back Site A. To use this lineup, start by standing next to the red mailbox right outside the Arch area. After that, aim at the middle right section of the wooden balcony of the building in front of you, as shown in the images below, and do a left-click throw.

A Default From A Long

Up next, we have a HE grenade lineup for the default plant area on A-Site. If you are a Terrorist, you'll need it to prevent the Counter-Terrorist from diffusing the bomb, and if it's the other way around, you need it to prevent the Terrorists from planting. To throw this HE grenade, jump on top of the same mailbox and stand on the rightmost edge, align your crosshair as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

Banana From T Spawn (Smoke Clearing)

For the last one, we have another HE grenade lineup that you can use to clear a common smoke. However, this particular lineup wouldn't directly benefit the one who throws it because of how far the HE grenade lands. Regardless of who benefits from it, to throw this HE grenade, you have to start by standing on the circular shadow right outside T Spawn. After that, align your crosshair as shown below and do a left-click throw.

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So there you have it. Now you're all set to dominate players with unexpected HE grenade lineups they would never have thought of. Within a week or two of practicing these HE grenade lineups, you'll practically start dominating on Inferno.


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