How To Spin Gun In CS2?

When you switch weapons in CS2, a short animation plays where your in-game character actually switches from one weapon to another. But did you know there is a secret animation in CS2 where the in-game character starts spinning the gun instead of swapping to the next weapon instantly? To help you trigger that animation, here’s a complete guide on how to spin gun in CS2.

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Spin Gun In CS2

Sadly, you can’t spin all the weapons available in CS2. You can only do that with the Desert Eagle. To spin the Desert Eagle in CS2, equip it and then equip the knife. Switch back to the Desert Eagle and, during the switching animation, press the “F” key. If you timed it right, the in-game character will start spinning the Deagle. To make the process easier to understand, here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Step 1: Launch CS2 and enter a private match. Select the “Infinite Warmup” option to practice without any interruption from bots.

  • Step 2: Once in the private match, tap the “B” key from your keyboard to open the buy menu and purchase the Desert Eagle.

  • Step 3: Tap the “3” key from your keyboard so the in-game character puts the Desert Eagle away and equips the knife.

  • Step 4: Switch back to the Deagle. As the in-game character points the back of the Deagle slightly upwards during the switching animation, press the “F” key.

  • Step 5: If your timing is correct, the in-game character will start to spin the Desert Eagle. Getting the timing right is not easy, so you’ll have to do a couple of tries before you get it right.

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Now you know how to spin the Deagle in CS2. Before jumping in a public lobby and showing it off to your friends, practice in a private match to dial down the timing so you can effortlessly trigger the animation when it’s time to show your friends this new trick you found.


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