Legendary Eagle CS2 Rank

Legendary Eagle CS2 Rank

Legendary Eagle, LE, is the fourth highest rank in CS2. But how good exactly is the Legendary Eagle rank, and how hard is it to rank up from it? To help answer those questions, here is a complete explanation of what the Legendary Eagle rank in CS2 represents and how it compares with other skill groups in the game. This article was updated in 2024.

How Good Is The Legendary Eagle Rank?

Being a Legendary Eagle means that you are in the big leagues now. It's one of the best ranks in CS2, and achieving it isn't easy. If you are a Legendary Eagle, you are better than 90% of all CS2 players. Plus, only 6.6% of players have a rank higher than yours.

Once you're at Legendary Eagle, defeating players in skill groups up to Gold Nova Master would be a walk in the park. Since ranking up to Legendary Eagle is so hard, even players from any Master Guardian rank would have a tough time holding their own against you. In short, Legendary Eagle is an extremely good rank.

How Hard Is It To Move Up From Legendary Eagle?

Legendary Eagle

Moving up from Legendary Eagle is very difficult. You'll have to improve at the game significantly before you can rank up from Legendary Eagle. Players at Legendary Eagle are exceptional at the game and have perfected skills like aim, recoil control, tactical awareness, and communication.

To rank up from here, the best thing you can do is become a part of a team that regularly plays the game so you can build solid teamwork. Even then, it will take a long time before you rank up.

What Skills Should Legendary Eagle Players Have?

At Legendary Eagle, players must have mastered all the basic skills and be extremely good at other particular skills, like teamwork. Here is a list of all skills Legendary Eagle players need to have:

  • Impeccable Recoil Control: Having flawless recoil control for most, if not all, weapons in the game.
  • Perfect Aim: Snapping aim at enemies and tracking moving targets only through muscle memory.
  • Tactical Awareness: Predicting the enemy players' movement and changing the strategy accordingly.
  • Attentiveness & Alertness: Nearly zero careless mistakes, much fewer when compared to the average player.
  • Complete Map Knowledge: Knowing each hiding spot, strategy, and plant spot for competitive, if not all, maps.
  • Teamwork & Communication: Giving proper callouts and creating/sticking with a team-based strategy.
  • Using Throwables Accurately: Knowing all common smoke locations and throwing effective flashbangs.
  • Economy Management: Knowing when to buy, when to save, and what to buy based on the match's situation.
  • Trigger Discipline: Knowing when not to fire. For example, saving an AWP in a 1v5 where shooting would give your location.

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Legendary Eagle is an impressive rank for anyone in CS2. Players in this skill group are amongst the very best players in CS2, much better than the average CS2 player. However, moving up from here would be very difficult. Keep working on teamwork, and you'll soon reach even higher ranks.


How do I know if I've reached the Legendary Eagle rank in CS2?

In CS2, you can determine your rank by accessing your in-game profile or the competitive matchmaking section. If you see "Legendary Eagle" displayed under your rank, congratulations, you've achieved this impressive skill group!

What is the percentage of players at the Legendary Eagle rank in CS2?

Approximately 6.6% of players hold a rank higher than Legendary Eagle in CS2. This means that if you are at this rank, you are already among the top players, surpassing the majority of the CS2 player base.

Is it possible to solo queue and rank up from Legendary Eagle?

While it's technically possible to solo queue and rank up from Legendary Eagle, it is generally more challenging due to the high skill level of players in this rank. Teaming up with skilled friends or joining a regular team can greatly increase your chances of success.

Are there any shortcuts or cheat codes to reach the Legendary Eagle rank?

Absolutely not! CS2 has a strict policy against cheating, and using any form of unauthorized software or cheat codes will result in severe consequences, including a ban from competitive play. The only way to achieve the Legendary Eagle rank is through hard work, dedication, and consistent improvement.

Can players lose their Legendary Eagle rank if they perform poorly in matches?

Yes, like all other ranks in CS2, players can lose their Legendary Eagle rank if they experience a significant decrease in performance and lose matches consistently. Staying active, continuing to improve, and maintaining a good win rate will help you retain your rank and even climb higher in the CS2 competitive ladder.


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