CS2 Ancient Smokes

Ancient Smokes

Are you having trouble playing on Ancient? Check out these must-know CS2 Ancient Smokes that will make you one of the most valuable players on your team.

Best CS2 Ancient Smokes

Window Smoke from T Spawn

You can find multiple ways to smoke the Window area, but this is the fastest and easiest way. Start by standing on the left side of the pillar under the bridge in T Spawn. Now, aim at the mark on the wall as shown below and do a jump throw.

Window Smoke from Elbow

This Window smoke lineup is best for situations where you get stuck and must rotate from A to B. Stand at the right-most edge of the wall outside Elbow, aim at the mark above the cracks on the wall, as shown in the image below, and do a jump throw.

Mid Donut Smoke from T Spawn

Combine this smoke lineup from the Window smoke from T Spawn before rushing for mid-control. Go into the left corner in T Spawn behind the river, as shown below, place your crosshair on the edge of the building in front of you, and do a W+jump throw.

Mid-Donut from Outside Elbow

You can combine this lineup with the Window from Elbow Smoke before rotating to B from A. Go ahead and stand under the Window in Elbow, aim at the top of the rope on the wooden structural support above, and do a left-click throw.

A Site Donut

This smoke is probably one of the most forgiving lineups for the A Site Donut area. Come to the left side of the stairs at the entrance of A Main, aim at the gap of the hollowed wall as shown below, and do a jump throw.

CT Smoke from Mid Donut

This smoke lineup will allow you to safely push from the Donut area into A without worrying about someone coming out of CT Spawn. Go and stand in the left corner of the Donut Door, place your crosshair between the gap of the two ledges in front of you, and do a jump throw.

A Site Temple

This is probably the most used smoke on Ancient Map, and it's essential that you learn this. Stand in the Left corner in the A Main area. Now crouch down and aim at the top right part of the leaf, as shown below, and then do a W+jump throw.


If you want to smoke in the Cheeta area, stand in the back left corner of the T Spawn area, aim at the tip of the building, as shown in the picture below, and do a jump throw.


This smoke lineup is in meta and gets used quite often in the pro-CS2 scene. Go ahead and stand at the right side of the pillar under the bridge in T Spawn, aim at the same building from the previous smoke, and do a 2-step walking jump throw.

Elbow smoke from CT Spawn

You can take early Mid control using this lineup. Stand in the back left corner of the CT Spawn area, aim in the center of the two bricks on top of the building, as shown below, and do a W+jump throw.

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These were the top 10 best CS2 Ancient lineups, with several currently being used by the top esports pros. Learn them and see how your win rate improves.


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