CS2 Nuke Callouts Guide

Seeing an enemy right in front of you but not being able to inform your teammates about them just because you don’t know the location of that area can be very frustrating. Since many players only play Dust 2, they often don’t know the callouts for other maps. Here is a complete guide for CS2 Nuke callouts.

Nuke Callouts

  • B Site: One of the areas where Terrorists must plant the bomb.
  • Ramp: The sloping area in the furthest section of the map that leads down toward B Site.
  • Dark: The area toward the bottom left from the Ramp toward B Site.
  • Window: A small room right in front of Dark toward the left that players can enter by breaking a glass window.
  • Double/Doors: A small cubby right after the Window room with orange double doors toward your right leading to B Site.
  • Blue Box: A big blue box in B Site’s plant area next to Double.
  • Vent: A vent system behind the B Site that connects it with the A Site. It has a ladder that players can use to go up or down. The Vent also goes to the Double/Doors area.
  • Back Vents: The corridor behind B Site with direct access to one of the entrances to Vent.
  • Secret: A path going down from the room next to the Garage toward Back Vents.
  • Decon/Single: The opposite area from Secret. This room has a single orange door connecting the Back Vents area to the B Site.
  • T Spawn: Spawn location for Terrorists.
  • Silo: A large cylindrical structure located toward the rightmost path from T Spawn.
  • Red: Big red container right next to Silo.
  • Garage: Large building toward the left of CT Spawn.
  • Outside/Yard: It’s the outdoor space that connects the Garage entrance, Silo, and Red.
  • Yard Boxes: A couple of different-sized square and rectangular containers in the Yard right next to the Silo.
  • T Roof/Roof: A roof area directly in front of T Spawn. Players access this area using a ladder.
  • A Site: An area where Terrorists must plant the bomb.
  • Blue Box: The blue box in A Site.
  • Lobby/Fork: The large room closest to T Spawn.
  • Squeaky: The room toward the right of the Lobby beside Silo. It connects to A Site through a single orange squeaky door.
  • Radio: Room toward the left of the Lobby opposite Squeaky.
  • Trophy: A room with trophies connecting the top Ramp area with the Radio room.
  • Boost: Boxes in the corner in the top Ramp area.
  • Big Box: Located in the top Ramp area.
  • Headshot: A red box in the furthest corner of Ramp, opposite Big Box.
  • Sandbags: Area directly in front of the Lobby with a ladder going toward the Roof.
  • Hut: A small room connecting Sandbags to A Site.
  • Tetris: Containers outside Hut players can use to get on top of Hut.
  • CT Spawn: Spawn area for Counter-Terrorists.
  • CT Red: A red box close to CT Spawn toward the left.
  • Heaven: Area right in front of T Spawn accessed by climbing a ladder. This area gives a clear view of A Site.
  • Rafters: The elevated platform running across the backside wall of A site. It connects with Heaven.
  • Hell: Area right under Heaven.
  • Lockers: The room toward the very left of Hell.
  • Main: The first room players enter when they go from Yard to the A Site.

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CS2 Nuke Callouts Guide

Nuke can be a confusing map for some. However, you get the hang of it once you play on it for a couple of matches. Go through all the callouts listed above so you have a better idea of the map’s locations and can give accurate callouts to your teammates.


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