CS2 Mirage Flash Bangs

Mirage Flash Bangs

If you're the kind of CS2 player who likes to play aggressively, peeking at every corner you suspect an enemy is holding, a well-placed flash bang is probably the most powerful tool in your arsenal. To help you get those easy frags, here's a complete guide on the top flashbang lineups on Mirage.

Best CS2 Mirage Flashes

Underpass From Sniper’s Nest

Let's start things off with a lineup you can use to blind players trying to push from the Underpass area towards Mid. Stand in the corner of the table in the Sniper's Nest area, aim slightly toward the left of the exposed brick on the wall, as shown in the image below, and do a left-click throw.

Tetris From Shadows

Imagine you're playing on Mirage as a Counter-Terrorist and decide to hold the Shadows area. All of a sudden, you hear a bunch of footsteps coming from the A Ramp area. We've all been there. But with this flash bang lineup, you'll be able to deal with those players head-on instead of waiting for your teammates to rotate back and help you. Just stand in the corner of the Shadows area and aim at the center of the wooden beam as shown below. Finally, do a jump throw.

B Apartments From B-Site

The problem with throwing a flash bang to the B Apartments area from right under the windows is that you are exposed to a ton of spots where you can get shot. Use this lineup to flash players in the Apartment area while being safe from enemy fire. Stand in the corner that's next to the Market wall under the AC outdoor unit, align your crosshair as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

A-Site From T-Spawn

In a fast-paced game like CS2, carrying out your strategy as quickly as possible is one of the main things determining whether you will win the round. So, if you want a quick way to blind the Counter-Terrorists holding A-Site, use this flash bang lineup. Stand next to the door on the right side of the wall, as shown below, aim at the tip of the street light, and do a left-click throw.

B-Site From Back Alley

If there's one flash bang lineup we would pick as the ultimate one for B-Site on Mirage, it would be this one. Unlike random flash bangs that you throw over the building in the Back Alley area toward B-Site, this particular lineup doesn't just blind players holding the Bench or other more exposed spots in B-Site, but it also blinds players in places like Window, Van, and Arches. To throw this flash bang, stand at the back wall of the Back Alley area, align yourself with the wooden pole in front of you, aim at the bottom right corner of the window as shown below, and do a running jump throw.

Connector From Mid Boxes

This lineup is probably one of the simplest ways to flash players holding the Connector area. All you have to do is wedge yourself behind the Mid Boxes, aim at the tip of the metal structure as shown below, and do a left-click throw. The best part about this lineup is that it also gets the AWPer in the Sniper's Nest area.

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You are now all set to dominate the battlefield, getting easy frags left and right with flash bangs that your opponents wouldn't even think of. Just make sure you practice before trying them out in a Ranked match so you don't end up accidentally blinding yourself.


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