CS2 Ancient HE Grenades

Ancient Grenades

Ancient is a massive map. Plus, there's a ton of cover on Ancient, where your enemies will likely spend the whole round. One of the best ways to catch those players off guard is by throwing a calculated HE grenade at them. To help you dominate the enemy team and deal massive damage to multiple players on Ancient, here are some of the best Ancient HE grenade lineups.

Best CS2 Ancient HE Grenades

Cat From Doors

If you're pushing B-Site from the Doors area and haven't yet taken control of the Mid area, there's a high probability of getting shot from the Cat area. Use this He lineup to avoid becoming an easy frag from that spot. Start by standing between the rock and the stone doorway for the Doors area and aiming at the top left portion of the tree, as shown below. After that, do a running left-click throw, releasing the left-mouse-button right before you hit the doorway.

Elbow From Top Mid

Taking Mid-control is a crucial part of any effective strategy in CS2. Use this HE grenade lineup if you're playing as a Counter-Terrorist and want to prevent the Terrorists from taking Mid-control as they push from the Elbow area. Stand in front of the stone structure at the top of the stairs in the Top Mid area, aim slightly to the left of the rightmost leaf on the plant in front of you, and do a walking left-click throw, releasing the left-mouse-button right before falling down from the edge.

Long From Doors

Now, let's talk about HE lineups for two of the most common spots that CTs like to hold at B-Site, starting with a spot in the Long area right behind the demolished stairs. For this lineup, wedge yourself in the left door and align your crosshair as shown below. After that, do a jump throw.

B-Site Cave Entrance From T Lower

The second lineup is for the Short area outside the Cave entrance from the B-Site. To use this lineup, align yourself next to the wall in the T Lower area, as shown in the image below. After that, aim at the bottom right part of the stone structure, also as shown below, and do a jump throw.

Red From Sniper's Nest (Smoke Clearing)

Now, let's talk about a HE grenade lineup you can use to clear one of the most common smokes that the Terrorists like to throw right in front of the Red area. Stand next to the back wall in the Sniper's Nest area, align yourself with the rock on the ground, and aim at the bottom of that rock. After that, do a walking right-click throw.

Doors From Back Halls

If you're holding B-Site and your team has managed to take control of the Mid area, the only place you have to worry about is the Doors area since that's the only place the Terrorists can push from. And, if the Terrorists do decide to push from that area, you can bet that it's a "Rust B" situation with all five Terrorists. Fortunately, you can actually take advantage of that using this HE lineup and damage almost all five of those Terrorists as they're crammed in the doorway. Start by standing in the corner of the Back Halls area and aiming at the ground, as shown below. Do a running left-click throw, releasing the left-mouse-button as soon as you reach the spot you're aiming at.

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You are now all set to dominate the enemy team on Ancient because you now know all the best HE grenade lineups on Ancient that will help you clear out common camping spots. Just make sure that you practice in a practice server before trying them in a public lobby.


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