CS2 Anubis HE Grenades

CS2 Anubis HE Grenades

Once you're done with all the older maps that you've been playing throughout Counter-Strike, the one option that remains is Anubis, the latest map being added to the game. If you're about to play on Anubis for the first time, have a look at these top HE grenade lineups before you do that, to get a solid edge over players who don't know the map.

Best CS2 Anubis HE Grenades

Top Mid From Double Doors

Let's start this guide with a HE grenade lineup that allows Counter-Terrorists to deny the Terrorists from taking Mid-control at the start of the round, which they try to do by rushing toward the Bridge area. If you can make your way toward Double Doors and stand outside one of the doors, as shown below, you can throw a HE grenade that lands directly at the Top Mid area, where multiple Terrorists would be if they're rushing for Mid-control. Just aim at the bottom-right edge of the wall, as shown in the images below, and do a running jump throw.

Behind Pillar From B Long

For the next one, we have a HE grenade lineup that is super unexpected for the player on the receiving end. That's because the spot where it lands seems like a completely secure place, with only one angle players have to worry about getting shot from. To throw this HE grenade, stand on the spot in the B Long area and align your crosshair, as shown below, and do a jump-throw.

Default A From Heaven

This HE grenade lineup is quite important since it lands directly on the Default A spot, where you can expect that the Terrorists would try to plant as soon as they take site control. Stand next to the right wall in the Heaven area that leads to A-Site, aim at the spot shown in the image below, and do a jump-throw.

Upper From A Connector

Here's another unexpected lineup since the player at the receiving end would never think of looking in the direction where the HE grenade would be coming from. Stand next to the right-side pillar at the entrance of the A Connector, aim at the spot shown in the image below, and do a jump throw.

Bridge From Mid (Smoke Clearing)

You might have noticed something different about smokes in Counter-Strike after playing a few matches on the new Source 2 engine. How they interact with their surroundings has allowed a new use for HE grenades to surface, where you can use grenades to clear the smoke, allowing you to see through to the other side. So, let's talk about a few HE grenade lineups that do that for critical smoke locations, starting with the Bridge smoke. Start by standing in the corner of the Mid area, crouching down, and placing your crosshair on the spot shown in the image below. After that, do a left-click throw.

A Main From A-Site (Smoke Clearing)

Like the smoke-clearing HE grenade lineup above and most similar lineups, you won't be able to use this one yourself, either. In other words, you won't directly benefit from it in terms of getting an easy kill. That's because the one throwing the HE grenade can't reach the spot before the HE grenade explodes. But you can use them for easy kills by coordinating with your teammate. To use this lineup, stand in the corner in A-Site and align your crosshair as shown in the images below. After that, do a jump throw.

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Using a well-placed HE grenade is one of the best ways to damage multiple players since they are so unexposed. Go through all the lineups mentioned above and practice them in a private match, and you'll have a much easier time ranking up while playing on the map, Anubis.


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