CS2 Vertigo HE Grenades

Vertigo Grenades

Considering how few people know callouts for the map Vertigo, learning HE grenade lineups is probably the last thing on the minds of many CS2 players. But that's something you can use to your advantage. If you actually learn HE grenade lineups, you'll surprise the enemy because they would never expect something like that. To help you with that, here are some of the top HE grenade lineups you should know for Vertigo.

Best CS2 Vertigo HE Grenades

B Stairs From B-Site

If you've been playing CS2 for some time, the term "Rush B" probably sounds familiar. Well, that isn't just for Dust 2. Being on the receiving end of a B rush from the Terrorists on Vertigo is also quite common, and if you ever find yourself in that situation, use it to your advantage and damage multiple opponents with this HE grenade lineup. To use this lineup, stand in B-Site and align your crosshair based on the image below. After that, do a left-click throw.

T Mid Entrance From CT Mid

B-Staris isn't the only spot where the Terrorists like to rush toward B-Site. The second path leading to B-Site is from the T-Mid area, and you can chuck a HE grenade right at the entrance of that area using this lineup. Start by standing in the corner of the wooden plank in the CT-Mid area, align your crosshair as shown in the image below, and do a left-click throw.

Default B From CT Spawn

Now, let's say that the Terrorists have already made their way toward B-Site and are almost ready to plant while you're rotating from A-Site. Along your way, make a quick stop near the CT-Spawn area and use this HE grenade lineup to potentially get an easy kill on a Terrorist planting in the Default B plant area. Stand in the corner of the metal pillar near CT Spawn and aim at the edge of the shadow on the ground, as shown below. After that, do a 1-step walking jump throw.

Default A From Backside

Speaking of default plant areas in a plant site, we also have a lineup you can use to throw a HE grenade at the Default A area, denying any Terrorist trying to plant. To use this lineup, start by standing in the corner of the Backside area and aligning your crosshair as shown in the image below. After that, do a simple left-click throw.

Scaffold From Boost

Use this HE lineup if the Terrorists haven't yet made their way toward A-Site and you just got a callout that they're pushing from the Scaffold area. If you're lucky, you might even damage multiple enemies from this spot. Start by standing on top of the single orange box in the Boost area and wedging yourself in the right corner. After that, aim at the top-right tip of the bolt, as shown in the image below, and do a jump throw.

Ramp From Big Box (Smoke Clearing)

With the launch of CS2 and the brand-new Source 2 engine, we got a new way to use HE grenades besides damaging the enemy team. You see, the way smoke grenades currently work in the game, players can now also use HE grenades to clear the smoke for a brief moment, enough to see through the other side and get a cheeky kill. To use this particular lineup, stand behind the Big Box, as shown below, and aim at the spot above the Big Box, also as shown below. Finally, do a left-click throw.

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If you want to damage multiple enemies without giving them a chance to react, you need to learn HE grenade lineups. Since those HE grenade lineups would prove most unexpected on a map like Vertigo, you are now all set to absolutely dominate the enemy whenever you play on that map.


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