CS2 Ancient Molotovs

Ancient Molotovs

Ancient is quite a large map, with a ton of cover, especially for the Counter-Terrorists. To make your way toward any of the plant sites, you'll need to clear out a few sports, and there's no better way to do that than to throw a molotov and let the flames do the work for you.

Best CS2 Ancient Molotovs

B-Site Ninja From Ruins

B-Site Ninja is a popular spot for players to camp. If this spot remains un-cleared, enemies might pop out and get an easy frag on you. To force players out of this spot, stand in the corner of the Ruins area, aim at the edge of the door after aligning the crosshair as shown in the image below, and do a running throw.

Donut From Mid

Pushing the A-Site in Ancient is almost impossible before clearing the backside of the Donut area. There is a good chance that a Counter-Terrorist is holding this spot. To clear Donut from Mid, stand next to the wall in Mid as shown below, aim at the tip of the white wall section in the Donut area, and do a running throw. The fire will force enemies out from behind the Donut pillar.

Triple From M4

Once you've made your way to A site, most of the plant site is easy to clear. However, one spot in particular that's difficult to clear is Triple. Counter-Terrorists can easily prevent you from planting at the A-Site, using the Tripple boxes as cover. To clear the area behind Tripple, stand at the entrance of M4, aim at the top of the wall as shown below, and do a running throw.

B-Site Pillar and Cave Entrance From Double Door

Players love to hold the B-Site from behind the B-Site Pillar and the entrance to the Cave/House. To make sure you clear enemies from both these spots, you can use this molotov. Stand in front of the rightmost "X" on the left door of the Double Door, aim slightly above the edge of the brick as shown below, and do a simple left-click throw.

Lamproom/Cheetah From T-Lower

To push toward B-Site from T-Lower, one of the two options you have is the Lamproom and Cave path. Before you can go there, you'll need to push back players, for which you can use this molotov. While running toward the Lamproom entrance, aim at the rightmost section of the wall in front of you and do a left-click running throw.

B-Site Pillar and Cave Entrance From T-Lower

There is also an alternate way to molotov B-Site Pillar and Cave entrance. You can do that from the T-Lower area, and it's actually more popular within the esports scene. To throw this molotov, stand in front of the wall and aim slightly higher from the gap in the wall, as shown below. After that, do a standing-left-click throw, and the molotov will land behind the B-Site pillar.


B Long From Double Door

Another popular spot at B-Site heavily protected for Counter-Terrorists is the Long area. You can easily molotov it from the Double Door area. Start by wedging yourself in the right door, as shown below, and aim at the edge of the box directly in front of you. Once you're all set up, do a jump throw, and you'll clear enemies from the B Long area.

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Forcing players to come out from behind cover on a map like Ancient is rather difficult because of all the cover it offers. Fortunately, you now know all the best molotovs on Ancient that will help you clear out common camping spots with a breeze.


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