CS2 Support Guide

CS2 Support Guide

You can't win CS2 matches at the higher ranks if all the team uses AWPs or everyone wants to lead. Players must select and stick to one of the roles necessary for that round. Today, we'll discuss the Support role and how you can be an effective Support player.

What is the Support Role in CS2?

Support is the role designated to players who help ensure that players with other roles can focus on their tasks. For example, if the AWPer needs an AWP but doesn't have enough money, it's the Support player's job to buy it for them.

Support players generally work behind the scenes, gathering information and using their utility to help the team in what they need to do. One of the main tasks of the Support player is to throw precise smoke grenades at key angles so the team can push into a plant site.

Skills Required for the Support Role in CS2

The Support can seem underwhelming, but it's important, and the rest of the team relies a lot on Support players so they can carry out their roles effectively. Becoming good at the Support role requires a few key skills, including:

  • The Support Mindset: To effectively support the team, a Support player must have a support mindset. For example, not hesitating while giving drops, using the least expensive weapons, and purchasing a defuse kit for the team.

  • Using Throwabls: The Support player's job is to throw smoke grenades to block lines of sight so the rest of the team can push into a plant site. Therefore, the Support must have complete knowledge of key smoke locations and have experience throwing them.

  • Economy Management: Support players must understand the in-game economy. Since they will likely be the ones to drop a weapon, they must keep a close eye on the team's money to make sure they have enough for critical rounds.

  • Trade Fragging: Since Support players will usually be right behind the Entry Fragger instead of being in the frontline, they must be very good at trade fragging. Otherwise, the enemy will get a free kill, leaving your team with a one-person disadvantage.

Is Support the Right Role for You?

As mentioned, a player needs a support mindset to succeed in the Support role. Ask yourself a few questions to determine whether the Support role suits you.

Are you okay with using the cheaper weapon and giving the expensive one to the player who needs it more? Do you like the feeling when your team freely enters a plant site because of your smoke grenades?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, you will be a great Support player. However, if some other playstyle interests you, you can choose from several other roles that better suit you.

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The Support role is one of the key parts of a CS2 team that helps the team win. Do you have what it takes to be an effective Support? If yes, you'll have to work on some key skills. Go through all the skills highlighted above and start working on them.


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