CS2 Mirage Smokes

Mirage Smokes

Unlock the strategic potential of Mirage in Counter-Strike 2 with our guide to the best smokes. Perfect for controlling vision and outmaneuvering opponents, these smokes are essential for anyone looking to dominate on this popular map. From basic setups to advanced tactics, we've compiled the most effective smoke strategies to enhance your CS2 gameplay on Mirage.

Best CS2 Mirages Smokes

CT/Ticket Smoke

The CT/Ticket smoke blocks one of the primary paths CTs take to enter the A-site. It also blocks the Ticket area, a popular spot for CT AWPers. To throw this smoke, walk next to the wall and do a jump throw while aiming at the center of the wooden beam, as shown in the pictures below.

Window Smoke

Now for the smoke that blocks the most hated spot on Mid, Window. Walk up right next to the trash can and aim at the wall right in the center of the door frame and the edge of the building. While aiming, press and hold the "D" key, and after about one second, do a jump-throw.

Connector Smoke

To smoke Connector, stand next to the same trash can from the Window smoke, aim at this angular pattern on the rug hanging on the wall (as shown in the pictures below), and then do a jump throw.

Top Mid Smoke

The Top Mid smoke combined with the two smokes above will give you complete mid-control. Stand on top of the trash can and do a simple standing throw while aiming at the tip of the antenna.

Market Window Smoke

If you want to push B, you should probably learn this one. To smoke Market Window, walk in the corner and do a jump throw while aiming at the top portion of the building, as shown in the pictures below.

Market Door Smoke

Combining the Market Door smoke with the Market Window smoke above will keep you completely safe from the Market while pushing B Site. Stand on the same spot and do a jump throw, but aim at the top of the window, as shown below.

B-Site Cat Smoke

Another B-site smoke you can do from the same spot is for the Cat area. To throw a Cat smoke, do a standing throw while aiming at the leftmost corner of the same building.

Jungle Connector Smoke

This smoke is one of the more simple ones. Stand next to the center of the structure on the building shown in the image below, and do a standing throw while aiming according to the image.

A Stairs Smoke

Another dangerous spot you can get shot from at A-site is the Stairs. To smoke that area, stand next to the right side of the door and do a jump throw while aiming at the corner of the building, as shown below.

B Site Bench

Finally, to throw a Bench smoke for B Site, go up against the wooden pillar next to the Stairs area, aim slightly to the right of the tower as shown below, and do a simple standing throw.

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Now you know all the main smokes for CS2 Mirage, and you'll have no trouble blocking key locations for the enemy. Keep practicing in a private lobby, and soon, you'll memorize them all.


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