CS2 Vertigo Smokes

Vertigo Smokes

Smoke grenades play a huge role in Counter-Strike 2, especially when you are on the Terrorist side. There are a lot of variations to smoke grenade lineups, and today, you will learn 10 of the best ones for the CS2 map Vertigo.

Best CS2 Vertigo Smokes

B Site Generator Smoke

B site has a lot of places you can get shot from. To minimize those angles, you can use this Generator lineup. Stand on the stairs as shown below, aim in the middle of the 2nd support beam, and do a standing jump throw.

A Site Top Ramp (Yellow) Smoke

To push through the A Site Ramp, you need to smoke off the Top Ramp (Yellow) area, where many CTs like to play. To do that, go into the corner on the left side, as shown below, aim in the gap of the crane close to the yellow box, and do a standing jump throw.

A Back Site Smoke

Smoking Back Site is crucial to push into A site. To throw a smoke grenade there, simply come to the spot shown below, aim to the left of the 2nd bolt, and do a standing jump throw.

Mid Connector Smoke

The mid connector in this map is the most common spot for the defenders to use the AWP and take aggressive peeks. To smoke it off, come to the yellow mark on the floor as shown below, and make sure your crosshair is on the line sticking out of the box. Aim at the top of the light and do a simple jump throw.

Elevators Smoke

Walk up to the spot as in the picture below, aim at the right corner of the vent above the mid box, and do a running throw. As you do that, the smoke grenade will land right in front of the Elevators area, blocking any enemy vision toward you.

CT Spawn Smoke

Like the Mid Connector area, CT spawn is also a common spot for a CT AWPer to hold. Go to the corner as shown below, aim in the middle of the blue sheet on the box, and do a simple left-click throw.

Underpass Smoke

Attackers often rush from the Underpass area. Smoking it off will slow them down and give time for your teammates to come for support. To do that, get on the top of the second traffic stopper, aim a little bit above the bolt on the wall, and do a simple left-click throw.

A Ramp From Back Site Smoke

To smoke A Ramp from the Back Site, stand next to the doorway in the Back Site, get close to the edge, aim slightly under the metal bar shown below, and do a 2-step running throw.

MID Smoke

For the easiest way to smoke Mid, get into the corner on the right side of the mid box, aim to the left of the metal bar, align the crosshair with the third plank from the bottom as shown below, and do a running throw.

A Retake Smoke

Retaking A site can be frustrating, especially when multiple attackers are alive. To use this retake smoke, stand next to the board in heaven, aim slightly to the right from the edge of the building above, above the crane, and do a simple left-click throw.

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These are the top 10 smoke lineups on the Vertigo map in Counter-Strike 2. Use these to get an edge over your opponents and get some easy site executes.


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