CS2 Vertigo Flash Bangs

Vertigo Flash Bangs

Vertigo is a complex map, especially since it has two floors instead of one. However, if you learn only a handful of effective flash bang lineups, the complexity of Vertigo would prove an advantage for you. To help you with that, here's a complete guide on the best flash bangs to use in Vertigo.

Best CS2 Vertigo Flashes

A-Site From Scaffold

Use this flash if your team is pushing toward A-Site and you want to assist them. Be careful because your team will get flashed if they have clear lines of sight at A-Site. Start by walking in the corner of the Scaffold as shown below, aim between the fifth and fourth dot in the orange tarp between you and A-Site, and do a jump-throw.

B Site and Cooler From B-Stairs

For the second one, we have a great flash bang lineup you can use to help teammates trying to take B-Site from B Stairs. Wedge yourself in the corner with the sandbags under B-Stairs, aim slightly above the yellow mark on the metal beam as shown in the image below, and do a left-click throw.

A-Site Lane From A Ramp

Up next, we have another great flash you can throw to assist your teammates trying to take A-Site. The best part about this is that it blinds all players in the A-Site Lane area without blinding any of your teammates within the site. Start by standing in the corner of the sandbags on A Ramp, aim at the yellow pipe next to the Orange tarps opposite to you, and do a jump-throw.

B-Stairs From Connector

On Vertigo, an aggressive push from the Terrorists onto the B-Site from the B-Stairs area is quite common. It's almost impossible for one or even two Counter-Terrorists to defend this. If your teammates are in a similar situation, use this flash bang lineup to assist them and slow down the rush from the Terrorists. Stand next to the traffic stopper behind the Connector area, aim at the metal beam, as shown in the image below, and do a left-click throw.

A-Site From A Ramp

While playing on Vertigo, trying to take the A-Site from A Ramp can be very difficult because players always have someone watching the entrance of this area. You can use this flash to blind all players at A-Site holding the Ramp area. Walk up next to the sandbags on A Ramp, aim above the bolt on the metal beam as shown below, and do a left-click throw.

A Ramp From A-Site

Use this flash if you're holding the A-Site and hear a push from A Ramp. Walk up to the wall in A-Site that connects to the Lane area and stand next to the line on the wall, as shown in the image below. Aim at the tip of the concrete in front of you, also as shown below, and do a left-click throw.


Mid From CT Spawn

Now, we have one of those flash bangs that you can use almost instantly when you spawn as a Counter-Terrorist. It blinds all players at Mid, allowing you and your team to take Mid control. Start by standing in the corner, as shown in the image below, and aim at the point where the glowing yellow line crosses the other on the wall in front of you. After that, do a right-click jump throw.

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Now you're all set to dominate opponents who have no clue what they are doing on a map that's as complex as Vertigo. You'll be blinding them from places they would've never even imagined once you're done practicing all the flash bang lineups we have explained above.


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